I Don't Really Like to Pack...

but this video makes me feel better about it but ONLY IF, I have the F1 Spacepack. Oh yeah, it has to be in turquoise I think it's the only way that it will motivate me.

Spacepak from FLIGHT 001 on Vimeo.

Take a Sip through Stripey Straws...

I MUST incorporate these paper stripey straws by Jack and Lulu immediately in an upcoming project. I love stripes and I think that however they are used, it would make for a really awesome touch! It's just something about stripes that makes me swoon!

{photo courtesy of Jack and Lulu}

Paris in Georgetown...

My friend Ells and I are going to try to head down and join in the fesivities of Georgetown's 7th Annual French Market during our lunch. If the flier is any indication of what's to come, I think that I'll be pleased as punch! I love warm weather and all the sweet treats it brings to our area!
{photo courtesy of Georgetown BID}

Happy Earth Day...

be sure to love one another and the Earth. Let's do our part to help beautify this gift (the Earth) that we've been charged over and do well by it.

{artwork courtesy of persimmonandpink}

The Martha Stewart Show...

....my friends and I went to the Martha Stewart Show on Tuesday as one of my monthly birthday activities for the month of April (yeah since this is a big year, I'm doing fun activities all year each month) and let me just tell you that I LOVED every bit of it! We had such a fantastic time hanging out in New York and most of all being a part of the live studio audience. We were on the The Color Show donning our blue shirts courtesy of American Apparel and most importantly..on the front row. You can even see us during the first four seconds of the show and peppered throughout the entire show. TALK ABOUT EXCITED. I even won a prize for being the most energetic audience member! ha ha

I had a simply marvelous time walking around downtown New York donning our Penelope Toop Party Hats, eating breakfast at The Empire Diner and having lunch at Rickshaw's Dumpling Bar! It was a wonderful Tuesday and you know what? I'd do it all over again!

Shecky's Girls Night Out...

Shecky's Girls Night Out from Shecky's on Vimeo.

I'm excited to head to Shecky's Girls Night Out. It should be fun from what I've heard. You get to do a little shopping, get spring beauty treatments, goodie bags & freebies and just have a really good time with your gal pals.
If you didn't catch the DC one, they have some touring other cities. Be sure to check them out for more information.
The weather is great, sun is shining, people are all about so why not get out and enjoy it!

Have a Lovely Weekend...

I'm looking forward to having a very relaxing (well doing some PT work of course) weekend. Heading to the movies tonight for a mother/daughter movie "date night" and then tomorrow we'll see how the days ahead trots along.

I spotted this video by
"The Girls with Glasses Show via Black*Eiffel and it really made me wish that I had a great talk show with one of my friends, did really cool videos with an amazing concept, that we were outfitted in must have outfits, had a totally cute and friendly dog (that would be Hampton's job), created great props and munched on deliciously frosted cupcakes! But alas I didn't really think of it, so I'll be tuning into this show once it begins. From the clip alone, it really looks like it's going to be a great show! As a girl that wears glasses (well contacts the majority of the time), I think this is just a wonderful idea!

With all that said, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the video!

Letterpress Giddiness...

I'm so excited that I probably cannot adequately express it in words but it's worth giving it a try!
I'm super de duper de, fantastically, want to shout it from the corners to the mountain tops overjoyed that I, yes, I have finally, finally found a letterpress class and you've guessed it, that I signed up for with the hurried quickness of a giselle (they're pretty fast right?).
Suann of simplesong, sent me the wonderful email that she had posted workshops at her studio and I jumped right on it! So I'll be in class in June like a good student ready to learn. Hopefully I can take a few pictures to document my letterpress experience.

{photos courtesy of simplesong}

This is why...

I need a Polaroid and learn how to take really pretty pictures or do fun things with them, so that my pictures would somehow look like Matt Schwartz' (found via Twig & Thistle) of She Hit Pause Studios. If not, then I will just purchase a few of his prints that spark my fancy.
{photos courtesy of She Hit Pause Studios

Weekend Re-Cap...

Though it's Wednesday, I hadn't been able to get to the computer to post about my weekend, hence it's lateness.

This past weekend was simply beautiful (weather, company, activities & all).

Saturday, I spent the better part of the day walking around Georgetown and finally eating at this restaurant that I've been wanting to venture to, Bangkok Joes. The food was delicious and I had one of the best lemonade ice tea combos ever, their signature Ginger Lemonade Iced Tea (yum yum and yum) and for a nice sweet treat I headed back over to Dolcezza (honestly it's amazing, they make their gelato and sorbetto fresh EVERY MORNING). I also spotted a little place on one of the side streets called Baked & Wired. B&W had sweet treats galore, a coffee shop, treats for your doggies, a mini art gallery (on the walls) and places for you to read, work on the laptop and have nice conversation. I'll def. head back there just to soak in the ambiance.

Sunday after Easter service, I headed to the National Museum of American History to see the First Ladies Dresses & Julia Child's kitchen. Both exhibits were fantastic and I would like to go back and explore others. Afterwards, I headed to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants Lauriol Plaza, where I stuffed myself into a Sweet Sunday Stupor.

It was an amazing weekend and I look forward to many many more!

Good weather, good food, good company and good activities, what could make for a better weekend?
{photo courtesy of Camille Styles}

Happy One Year Penelope Toop {Darling}...

Today marks one full year that Penelope Toop {Darling} has been up and running (happy birthday to me?)!

I've blogged my little ♥ out for a year and hopefully it will continue until I'm plum tuckered. This blog "world" has been a wonderful experience and has given me a chance to document my thoughts, likes/sometimes dislikes, to explore some fantastic sites and meet some great people. Thank you for those who have taken the time to pleasantly comment on things I've posted and even to those of you who just peruse the site for your enjoyment

Penelope Toop {Darling} will continue to pepper life with humor, post pretty and interesting things (well things I find pretty and interesting with the hope that you do too) and hopefully I "improve" in the forthcoming year!

Simply wonderful things make me happy! Also have a wonderful Easter Weekend!
{photo courtesy of Flickr}

Hip Hip Hooray for April Today...

That means (to me) that it's the perfect weather to begin traveling!!!! Today I've seen, people out and about, enjoying the bright sunshiny weather and the joy that it brings! So let's plan our places to travel, pack a bag and let's hit the road!
{photo via We Heart It}


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