Happy Love Day...

Just wanted to say Happy Love Day to you all! Love is absolutely THE greatest and most amazing gift that we can give and receive! May this day be a reminder to love one another through your words and your actions! I think that Valentine's Day has got to be my favorite Holiday to celebrate because although you should show love at all times, it's great that we actually have a Holiday to serve as a gentle reminder. Love isn't just limited to romantic love, but sisterly/brotherly, friendships, family etc. Let's do ou part to spread love!

Tonight, I will be having dinner with my sister-friends and it should prove to be a great night!!

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love, it's the only thing that there's just too little of,

What the world needs now is love, sweet love, No, not just for some but for everyone."-Burt Bacharach

{photo courtesy of "We Heart It }

Happy Birthday...

to my favorite gal..My mom!

Her day started off with breakfast from the grand-fur child and I, and was topped off with an amazing dinner from Founding Farmers! The meal was delicious but I was well into it before I realized that I should have snapped a photo! BUT I did manage to capture the most AWESOME carrot cake these taste to say the least. My mom had the Low Country Shrimp & Grits and I had the Meatloaf (which I rarely if ever eat), with Mashed Potatoes and greens!! buds have ever had the pleasure of enjoying! The cake was very moist and the cream cheese frosting..like I literally could have eaten a vat of it...needless to say it was mmmm mmmm good!

The birthday girl was pleased and I can honestly say that I thank the Lord that He allowed her to celebrate another year of life ad I'm praying that His grace and mercy will allow her to see many many more!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Guess Who's Back?

Moi! Well Penelope Toop {Darling to be exact and/or precise}!!!!!

TA-DA! The blog re-vamping has been completed and I'm beyond EXCITED. I love the new look and feel of PTD and it's been looooooooooooong, way long overdue. I was looking at a number of my past posts and it made me really think about how much I enjoyed blogging, but then also looking at how one day of not doing so turned into two, which turned into days, weeks and even months!

I look forward to great things springing forth from PTD in the upcoming year (let's start off slowly ok?)! New friends/people to connect with and support, creative and inspirational findings, solidifying my blog voice and just having a great time!

Man right about now I wish I were a rapper so I could spit out a dope beat/rhyme!

A special, special heartfelt thanks to Marie! She was awesome and the blog design process with her at the helm was AMAZING!


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