Have a Lovely Weekend...

Take this weekend to enjoy the wonders of the weather be it sunny or rainy, warm or cold. Find a new little something that sparks your interest or enjoy a great meal. Love yourself and love the ones you're with!

Have a lovely weekend!
{photo via Style Me Pretty}

Kiki and Coco...

Those who know me, are already fully aware that I have love(♥) for Paris so I was beyond tickled pink when I saw this video, first spotted on (via Simple Lovely) and it’s so spectacularly beautiful. It’s comprised of photos of a little girl Kiki and her doll Coco in and around Paris. Doesn’t it just make you want to buy and ticket and just go………. It also makes me want to take really cool pictures, add music and make a video!

Congratulations Smith Baby...

Congratulations are def. in order to my friend/co-worker K. Smith for the arrival of her little one Jonathan. He was born this morning to a wonderfully loving Mom and Dad! I'm happy to report that Mom and baby are doing well. I think that Jonathan is going to recognize my little voice after telling him to move so I could feel him wiggle around in his mom's tum!
Congratulations again Smith family, whoo hoo! If you need a sitter, Hampton and I are always available (ha ha ha)
{Photo via Daily Candy Kids}

Dewey's for Surey...

I think that someone should surprise me (with the dog in tow) by taking me here and just let me roam wild and free! And then let me pass out from glee in the car. Any takers, friends family and/or loved ones? I mean they even have candy hanging from the ceiling!!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you can even have parties there! (I think I need a medic stat).
{photo courtesy of Dewey's Candy Shop}

Hampton is Four....

Happy 4th Birthday to the best little dog a pet owner could ever have.

Hampton has been and is a wonderful delight to my life. He’s always full of little surprises (going through my purse and leaving its contents strewn about the room, the poops and tinkles, the ripped papers, the trash that somehow makes it out of the trash can, the missing food, the treasures deposited when he gets upset, the chasing of the neighbors kids, squirrels, cats and birds etc.), sweet as sugar pie (the excitement when I come home, the wet kisses, the snuggles, the playfullness etc.) and just one life’s greatest treasures.

Even though he has no clue as to why I made such a merry fuss this morning (the constant happy birthday Hamptons had him running around n circles and hopping all over my room), he’ll know something’s up when we get to the pet store and he gets his free birthday gift or when he gets his own little bowl of doggie ice cream.

Hampton if you could read (I’d be rich, no really, we'd live off your earnings and you would be an even more pampered pooch), you would be thrilled to see how much you mean to me!

Happy Birthday and I hope we celebrate many many more together!

I think a BonBon is in Order...

Today it just hit me that I would like to make some ice cream bonbons at some point (meaning soon). I scoured the net and happened upon this seemingly easy recipe. Not only does the recipe seem tasty, but the pictures are def. drool worthy! How can you NOT like chocolate, cookie crumbs and ice cream!

I can't wait to try it out and of course tell you all about it. AND if things go well, I can surely see these being used at a small party!
{photos and recipe via Ceramic Canvas}

Bath Milk Party Favor...

Over the weekend, one of my dearest friends had a baby shower for her little second addition. As one of the party favor gifts, I created small bottles of Bath Milk and put them amongst other things in a small party bag.

The photo isn't the best (hint hint I need a better camera gift givers) but hopefully you get the gist. I found little round cork topped bottles, filled them with scented bath milk, made a label, added a little gem topper (to be swapped from the cork styled one) and make a little card of instructions and voila.

The party bags were a hit as well as this small favor!

Floral Studio Part II...

I had such a fantastic time at my flower class on Sunday. Shawn (teacher and owner) & Katy were delights to work with and commended everyone on their individual pieces. We even had a few guests there as well, Bob, the cat and Jack ,the rabbit (who liked to nibble on the loose rose petals on the floor). Upon my arrival, their were tasty treats for the students to nibble on like cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries and then it was time to get started.

We learned a few basics about the flowers we would be using and how to tend to them, how to use floral clippers and a floral cutter amongst a host of other things. Our class was intimate (about six students) and we just had the most wonderful time. And what was a nice little cherry on top is that we used two of my favorite flowers, peonies and ranunculus!
I'm so glad that I was able to attend and hopefully I can make it to the next one!

Lilien oh Lilien...

I came across these delightful gems of a gem today and it's in a nutshell, simply wonderful. For more fancy please go here, you'll be so glad you did.
{photos courtesy of Mrs. Lilien}

Leah McCormick...

I've talked about my good friend/photographer Leah McCormick on here a few times and one of the gorgeous weddings she recently shot is featured on Style Me Pretty. For additional amazing photos, please go here!
I'm so happy for her. She's absolutely wonderful and funny to boot. She's not limited to only wedding photography but she does it ALL and she's looking for new clientele in the Washington, DC area, so people book her quickly!!!

Congrats Leah on another job well done! hip hip hooray!

{photos used with permission of Photos by Leah}

Birthday Cake Please...

Though I'm a few months early in this request, the early bird supposedly gets the worm, soooooooo I'm thinking that I would love to have a birthday cake that looks just like this. It's simple yet superb, plus i can see me eating all the dots!
Sooooooooo if someone is thinking about a cake or even small cupcakes that I might need for my birthday, here's your inspiration!
{photo via Simple Song}

Pretty Pretty Flowers....

I think I've fallen in love with a new flower and it's name is Renoncules. I picked up some white ones from Trader Joe's for my mom's birthday last mom but these pink ones are calling my name and adding something sweet to it!

{photo courtesy of Chez Ptipois}

Oh Baby Baby...

Lately, there has been a small baby boom here in my office needless to say it's been fun and endearing to see all of the Mother's to Be, "waddle" around the office with a motherly glow emitting from their faces. Well, my supervisor is next in line and she's expecting her first (a boy), and I thought it only befitting to give her a really nice baby shower. She does so much for our unit and she's extremely excited to become a new mom. I first spied the cupcake kits via Oh Happy Day and thought perhaps this cupcake kit would be a cute addition, or possibly be the basis of our theme.
Oh the joys of planning a surprise party with cute things to boot!
{photo courtesy of Meri Meri}

Amy Atlas.....

Amy Atlas Events, really gives me party inspiration, makes my heart flutter and makes my dreaming delightful. Oh the merriment! I mean the details are wonderful, simply wonderful!

{photos courtesy of Amy Atlas Events}

Floral Studio...

Learning how to create floral arrangements has been a pretty neat skill that I've wanted to have under my creative belt for a very long time. Well, wait no more!!! I'm so supremely ecstatic that I will be attending my first class on Sunday at The Floral Studio. There are so many endless possibilities..my little head is spinning at the sheer thought, parties, dinners, surprises, etc.
Mere words alone can't express how pumped up I am. Be sure to visit come Sunday or Monday when I have pictures of my newly learned knowledge and floral arrangement!!!
{photo courtesy of The Floral Studio}

Animals and Paper?...

I'd really like to add these cool animal paper clips to my desk. I think my favorite thus far are the hippo and the squirrel although all of them are cutesy! I'm just thinking about how happy they would make my paper feel is paper had feelings.
{photos courtesy of The Paper Place}


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