♥ Is Out There...

This wedding photo literally left me speechless, teary eyed and filled with so MUCH happiness. This is how love is supposed to look! Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom. May many marriages be as happy as your photos portray!
Click here for more photos of sheer joy, delight and the work of an awesome photographer!
{photo via Mika 78 and Chennergy}

Gobble Gobble...

I’m so excited to be off of work and heading home. I’m in the mood for some of Chef G. Garvin’s Pan Seared Turkey Chops. My taste buds are dancing with delight.
I think that I’ll pair the chops with my favorite, Cream of Mushroom mashed potatoes and something of the green vegetable variety {haven’t decided yet}. Oh and I can’t forget to cook up some of my little cornbread muffins. Oh I need to go home pronto!

Home Sweet Home...

Getting your place is a major deal whether it's an apartment or a house! It's a sweet sense of accomplishment, confirming of adulthood, and a huge balloon filled with responsibility confetti! It may be a little daunting at first but once you're settled in and you realize you have your own place to come home to, it's gets sweeter day by day by day.

So congratulations are def. in order to my DB!! I'm so happy for you and I think that a cactus is in order to place somewhere in your new abode!

Welcome to your Home Sweet Home {don't forget to wipe your feet}!

{photo courtesy of Bread and Butter}

French Toast...

Right now I'm having a taste for French Toast. I found this recipe and I'm eager to try it over the weekend perhaps. Just looking at it is making me drool, pardon me.
{photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma}

Oh What a Beautiful...

Morning! This song popped into my head today and I think that it's a fine and dandy way to start the day!

Have a Lovely Weekend...

As this work week comes to a very rapid close {yippee}, I’m waiting with batted breath for the weekend to begin. I’m so happy because I get a chance to:
a. spend a little bit of time with some of my girlfriends
b. eagerly anticipate sleeping late on Saturday {hallelujah}
c. have a very nice warm home cooked meal
d. not have to pack any luggage {my feet can stay firmly planted in my own state} can use my own bathroom and sleep in my own fluffy comfortable bed}
e. get a glimpse of my DB {Darling Beau} ♥

I hope that whatever you plan for the weekend, that it brings you some amount of joy & that it’s restful!
Until the next time….have an enjoyable weekend!

{photo courtesy of Kate Spade}

I Wish I Could Draw..

Today I came across a this wonderful blog, Much Love. She {Anna} has these simply wonderful drawings that she drew herself! The most I can draw are stick people and square houses {light heavy sigh}. I'm so glad that there are people who are able to draw, make it look so great and give people like me the opportunity to drool over their work.
Also, check out Much Love Etsy. She has some nice handmade little do-dads that I think need to be added to anyone's jewelry collection!
{photo courtesy of Much Love}

Mission Room Redecoration…Still

So my room has gradually come together & even though I would absolutely love to have acquired everything at one time, I’ve had to steadily pace myself with my room purchases. The things that I still need to purchase are, a velvet tufted headboard, curtains, another dresser {why did I think that I only needed one to hold my dear dear clothes}, a chair for my desk and now newly added to the list, curtain tie-backs. I spotted a really nice one that could easily be turned into a pair here.

{Photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters }

Something's Hiding In Here...

I have to somewhat confess that Something’s Hiding in Here makes me drool a little bit when I visit their website.

They {husband & wife team: Stephen & Shauna } are so creative that it just makes me want to quit my job and take a chance at doing something I love FULL TIME. It’s nice to see people having a job that they have pure affection for. It makes the days and life so much more fulfilling/rewarding & lets you walk around this earth with a big fat HUGE grin planted on your face!

Kudos and a rousing standing ovation round of applause to the folks at Something’s Hiding in Here!

{All photos are courtesy of Something’s Hiding in Here}

Fried Rice..Yes Please...

I ♥ to cook and try out new recipes, restaurants etc. In one of my old issues of Real Simple, there was a recipe on how to make Thai Fried Rice.
I put my own little twist on this dish and every time I make it, I love it to bits and try to add different ingredients!

My favorite ingredient add ins are:
*Crabmeat/Lobster meat
*Tons of eggs

Try it out! It’s a great quick yet hearty meal! It’ll make your heart smile with delicious delight!
{Photo courtesy of Real Simple}

Can I Please...

Have the outside of my house look like Miles Redd’s and my living room look like his too? Please?! I wonder if I can have my people {me}, call his people and see what it would take for him to either:
a. move out and give me his place
b. become my very best friend and come decorate my place for a very tiny wee monetary fee that’s budget {mine} friendly.

{Photos courtesy of Miles Redd}

PJ Morton...

I like this song {Mountains and Molehills} and I really like the video. PJ Morton is a superb artist who has even more wonderful albums! He’s a passionate artists and loves to make good music.

Summer Loving...

So one of my cousins {Barney} & his beautiful bride to be {Pam} are getting married August 1st!! I’m so excited because it gives me the opportunity to celebrate another family member finding wonderful love & starting a fanciful new chapter in his life, being around my colorful & entertaining family, & it gives me an opportunity to head back to my home town {Chicago} during one of the greatest seasons to be there {Summer}.

I went to Anthropologie and came across a dress that is:
1. in my favorite color {Marigold} even though they are pitching it as Gold
2. in my size
3. just so absolutely darling to me
4. light & breezy with a def. feminine flare

Special thanks to my darling beau who has so graciously offered to get it for me because, since he can’t be there {sad face}, he still wants me to look pretty.

{photo courtesy of Anthropologie}


I have finally finally mailed off {the crowd goes wild} my Summerly Swap package {the proof is the photo above}.

Pamela, thank you so much for your endearing patience. I promise that I’m normally good at getting things done on time. I really really hope that you like your package contents and that it was worth the very long wait. Please charge my head & my hectic schedule, and not my heart! {I will post pictures up shortly of the wonderful package that my Summerly Swap partner, Pamela sent to me…it was simply the BEST}!

I promise that the inside looks loads better than the outside :)

Turks & Caicos & Turkey Bacon...

If I ever were to recommend a wonderful place to go for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, it would def. be the island of Turks & Caicos!
I’m back everyone, refreshed, restored and guiltily ready to have another vacation {smile}! I had THEE best time ever! The water, the island, the people, the food, the weather, everything was absolutely as close to a perfect vacation that I think one could ever come close to!
It was such a delight that my gal pals and I are planning to head back next year and this time the guys can come. I’m so sure that everyone will have a wonderful time! Aside from relaxingly drifting out to sea on a small foamy floaty device and screaming NOOOO as I Michael Phelps {paddled} my way back to shore, this vacation get a serious thumbs up.
AND I was successful in getting a nice golden tan {I promise I used Sunscreen}..I look like delicious turkey bacon!

{Photo courtesy of Penelope Toop}

Vacation Time...

Hi everyone!!!

Well, the time has come for me to say that....I won't be blogging too much in the next few days because......I'M OFFICIALLY ON MY VACATION!!!!! Turks and Caicos here I come {I'm actually sitting in the Miami aiport waiting to board as we "speak"}.

I'll be back the week after next but if I can tear myself away from the sand & water, I'll peek in every now and again!!

In the meantime, have a wonderful 4th of July. Be safe, have fun and eat well!

Penelope Toop


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