Happy One Year Penelope Toop {Darling}...

Today marks one full year that Penelope Toop {Darling} has been up and running (happy birthday to me?)!

I've blogged my little ♥ out for a year and hopefully it will continue until I'm plum tuckered. This blog "world" has been a wonderful experience and has given me a chance to document my thoughts, likes/sometimes dislikes, to explore some fantastic sites and meet some great people. Thank you for those who have taken the time to pleasantly comment on things I've posted and even to those of you who just peruse the site for your enjoyment

Penelope Toop {Darling} will continue to pepper life with humor, post pretty and interesting things (well things I find pretty and interesting with the hope that you do too) and hopefully I "improve" in the forthcoming year!

Simply wonderful things make me happy! Also have a wonderful Easter Weekend!
{photo courtesy of Flickr}


Big Sistah Gorgeous One said...

Precious Prinny, I'm truly proud of you and all that you're going to accomplish. Go for it and know that I'm here to be one of your personal cheerleaders!!! I love you LOTSAMUCH, My Beautiful Sister!!!

DB said...

HAPPY BDAY PENELOPE TOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best pics, stories, updates, photos and blogging on the WEB! Absolutely the BEE'S KNEES!!!!!!!


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