Where's Waldo..{Me}

It seems like it's been eons since I've last posted {sheesh}, however never fear, I'm here, we'll I'll be back. I'm working on a very special birthday project for the weekend! As soon as I'm done, I promise I'll be back with the quickness. In the meantime, HAVE A SUPER DE DUPER FANTASTIC DAY!
♥ Prin {Penelope Toop}

Ooo La La...

I love French things and I like accessories, so what better way to have both than to mush them together.
Rock n' Rose { a UK based jewelry & accessories boutique}, has some wonderful treats that I would love nothing more than to add to my accessory collection!

Stache Bash Anyone...

I would LOVE to have a Stache bash in my office. This def. has to be one of the funniest & creative ideas for the office I’ve seen yet!! It’s so fun and really takes the ho hum and takes a load off of having to be so serious {eek!} during an eight hour plus work day!

Kudos to & photos courtesy of Twig & Thistle

All is Well...

For now my computer is working just fine. My fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed hoping that this will continue forever {ha ha}. Oh how I’ve missed you! Let’s get the ball rolling once again!

Computers Get Sick..

and sadly I know this because mine has a bit of a wee cold. Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow and I can happily blog away! I miss you all tremendously....get well computer, get well!

Have a Lovely Weekend...

I hope that you all have a wonderful lovely weekend! It's my birthday weekend {birthday is on June 9th} so I'm hoping to find some great things to get into or maybe just make it a nice quiet weekend!
Whatever I decide to do, my hope is that you too enjoy your weekend.
Give love & spread love the ones you love! Until Monday...

And Away We Go...

I would love to see this movie as soon as soon as I can. You can go here to see when it comes to your city!
It looks like it's going to be a lovely movie & i can't wait:)

Reading is Good...

for the mind, soul, heart and anything else that one cares to lump in. I absolutely ♥ reading. When you read it puts you in this little bubble stuffed full of imagery, sounds, feelings & thoughts..bottom line is it's just great.

I'm currently reading David Sedaris' {author & American humorist}, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and let me tell you, I'm enjoying every little bit of it. It's a collection of short stories of events in Mr. Sedaris' life and from the read of it, his life was/is very entertaining. If anyone is familiar with This American Life, then I think that you would thoroughly enjoy reading this bookly treasure!

Extra Added Bonus: For those who may like audio books, today's your day because it's also available for your listening pleasure!

Hooray for Headbands...

I honestly love headbands! I have a nice little collection of them but don't wear them as often as I like. Well things shall surely change!

Once Wed {a fabulous blog}, has a lovely tutorial on how to make a fancy schmancy headband for bridesmaids but you don't necessarily have to be a bridesmaid to don one. Since I want to try my hand at making lovely headbands for my small up & coming business venture, this would be a great resource!

A rousing round of applause to Once Wed, for such creativity and the willingness to share your talent with the entire blogging community!!

{Photo courtesy of Once Wed}

What Does Love Do?...

{Photo courtesy of Keep Calm Gallery}

Jaspects..Find My Way to Love...

Yesterday, I happened upon this song Find My Way to Love by the Jaspects on their latest musical venture, 'The Polkadotted Stripe'. It has a very sweet/lovely/jazzy feel and is sung by one of my favorite voices, Chantae Cann.
It seems like the perfect little diddy for a rainy day when you're just thinking or a wonderful score to one of the loveliest romance movies...la la la la

I Would Def. Be A...

clown in a circus if I got to ride around on this bike!

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie}


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