Dainty Camcorder...

I’m actually flipping over this dainty camcorder! Read about it here! You have not because you ask not so I'll put this on my birthday list please & thank you.

Race for the Cure Walker...

I have one the sweetest co-workers at my job. She’s lovely, always pleasant/smiling/encouraging. She’s also a 10 year Breast Cancer survivor!!!

On June 6th, I decided to become part of her team Taking it in Stride and I will walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Breast Cancer is a global disease that has no respect of persons.

I’m so happy to walk along side survivors & supporters and in the memory of those men and women who succumbed.

It’s going to be a beautiful day of CELEBRATION in our Nation’s Capital!

You're Speaking my Language...

Darling, simple & lovely. That’s how I would describe the bags from One Language Label. Their collection is just wonderful. What’s even better is that you practically get two bags for the price of one. A dandy carrying bag AND a small laptop bag. I’ve been in need of a nice laptop bag that’s just simple but says a lot!

And in the bags, there is a special little surprise: “as for the details, each bag is lined with handwritten inspirational quotes, making each bag unique & individual”.

Dorothy Zbornak {Bea Arthur}...

I heard the sad news on Saturday that Bea Arthur passed. As many of my family & friends know, I am an AVID Golden Girl’s supporter.

* I signed the Golden Girls DVD petition
* requested the DVD be given to me as a gift each time a season came out
*pretty much required my friends learn the theme song so we could sing it whenever the mood hit me
* played the Golden Girls trivia ad nauseum

Even though I was young darling child when Golden Girls came out as I’ve gotten older, I appreciate the show, the quirky one liners, the topics tackled at that time, the bond of friendship/ relationships and the fact that the writers and actors made them appear so young in spirit & still cool.

Bea was a fantastic actress on the small screen and on Broadway. And sincerely my sympathy goes out to her family and the tons of fans that she left relishing in her spirit!

{Photo courtesy of Fan Pix}

Every Girl Should have a Pretty Bicycle...

I’ve wanted a pretty bicycle for such a very long time! I want one this year perhaps. It’s a great time since as a planet we’re trying to be more green, stay healthy & in shape.

Plus I would like to put Hampton in the little basket and cycle around pretty neighborhoods & Farmer’s Markets.

Weekend Review...

{Photo courtesy of Penelope Toop/Hampton the Dog}
I had a lovely lovely weekend! It was warm, the people were out and about & it was just a wonderful favor given to us after days and days of gloomy rain!!

I did make it to Level One restaurant and it was delicious and our server Ross was most delightful.

I managed to make it to Georgetown w/ the dog and we walked for what seemed like hours but it was nice being out in the warm weather w/WATER! I ended the day off with steamed crab legs & shrimp from the Wharf.

I didn’t make it to the film festival but I really can’t wait for
Marcello Marcello to come out on DVD!

Although I haven’t completed my Phoenix packing, at least I started so gold star for me!

One More Thing...Paper Hearts...

I know it's so early for me to even be thinking about this movie, but it's def. going on my calendar of things to do/see this summer {August}.

Have a Lovely Weekend...

I want to do some or all of the following:

*Eat at Level One because I really want to know what Belgian Fries are
* Do a bit of Spring Cleaning
*Pack my luggage for my Phoenix trip next week
*See at least one movie at the International Film Festival
*Take the dog to the park to romp, run & roll around
*Enjoy the beauty of the weekend & weather
*See if any of the Farmer’s Markets are now open seeing as though the weather is warming up
*Think about what to blog about next week

I hope you dear readers have a wonderful weekend.
Have Fun & Spread LOVE!
{Photo courtesy of Kate Spade}

Hearts for all Parts...

Aren't these absoultely adorable?! I'm def. placing my order soon! I ♥ hearts!!

Airplanes N' Roses...

I think that Airplanes N’ Roses go together quite well especially when they’re combined oh so well. This beaut can be purchased at any Longchamp Boutiques in the wonderful US of A.

So would it be possible for me to request this as one of my 2009 birthday gift requests? Pretty please with swirls and swirls of sugar & other small pretty candies on top?

But only if you really want to spend between two one hundred dollar bills to three one hundred dollar bills
and forty five dollars...:)

Movies in the Grass..

I so want to watch a movie or series of movies outdoors. I was going to do it one year for my birthday but decided to wait until another time. Well, perhaps the time has come.

Watching movies outdoors gives you that drive in movie theatre feel but instead of being in a car, I want to sit in the grass {perhaps in a park or a friend’s backyard} on a nice large blanket with nice food treats minus the buggies.

{Photo courtesy of Mindy Weiss}

Happy Friday Beautiful People...

Ever time I hear I Smile by Russ Lee, I get happy & well...smile and think of fanciful things!

{Photo courtesy of Art}

Loveliest Idea…

I initially saw this idea on Oh Happy Day, a few months ago. I thought that it was a lovely idea.
Sarah Neuberger of The Small Object {where you can read about her process} made it for her beloved niece. She wrote a small letter to her and then had the letter made into a quilt using custom printed fabric from here!
How clever/darling & thoughtful is that. Her niece can treasure it FOREVER.
This just made my heart so glad all over again!

{Photos courtesy of Oh Dee Doh}

Mona & Holly...

Since the weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS this weekend, I would have liked to have had this outfit in my closet so I could wear it on Saturday as I frolic with the good warm weather.

{Photo via Simple Song}

Macaroon send me to the Moon...

Now I've never had an authentic macaroon only the Americanized ones with the gooey coconut which are absolutely yummy!

Can someone get me a small box of 'real' ones, wrap them up and send them to me as a little present. I promise I'll eat some & share them with you! I would love to try lemon and hazelnut, please & thank you!

Be Strong...

This morning I received a very heartfelt/endearing & encouraging e-mail from a dear dear friend/big sister {I. B. Wheeler} of mine & after countless times of me saying "don't you do this to me" & brushing the outpour of tears from my face, a *song came to mind. I'm having a great day & looking forward to what the future has to bring, nothing but greater things:)

Thank you dear friend for your e-mail & kind words, every day/month/year gets better & a little bit easier..wow four years. So I share this *song with you as well! And a special thank you to Chantae Cann for writing such an encouraging song.

{*The song was written after a friend experienced a loss and Chantae thought it beftitting to write a song to encourage her friend through her loss.}

Happy Earth Day & Night....

Let's be sure to do our part to help keep a happy & healthy Earth!
{Photo courtesy of

I really ♥ Ban.do...

If you ever wanted beautiful head gear Ban.do is the place to find it.
My heart is literally about to pop/explode, but naturally in a good way!
They have a series of lines w/ various prices, no matter what you're looking for & at what price, Ban.do's got it!
A standing ovation goes to the gal pals with the wherewithall: jen & jaime

{Photos couretsy of Ban.do}

A Wonderful Thought...

To be at work and a lovely package gets delivered to me..surprise...
To recieve a thoughtful note w/ sincere words composed especially for me...
To be on the receiving end of a "I just wanted to hear your voice" phone call...
To believe that the words expressed are honest & not flim flam & rigamarow...

Sharing is Indeed Caring...

Normally, I’m the person in the office that is so excited about my new food finds, that I come excitedly in the workplace to pitch whatever products I want my co-workers to try. However, yesterday, my co-worker E. Smith beat me to the punch {or perhaps I’m rubbing off on her} in something new for my co-worker C. Pruitt & I to try.

Introducing Pop Chips! They're potato chips that are never fried or baked, making them all natural and oil free and tons of other things that are supposed to be good for us.
C. Pruitt & I both agreed that they were flavorful {we had BBQ} and they didn't leave a weird "healthy" aftertaste on our delicate palettes!
They come in a variety of flavors and can be found at your local Target, Whole Foods, Safeway and the list goes on and on.

Thank you E. Smith and thank you Pop Chips!

Tape & Tape & Tape Oh My...

What happens when you pair lace + adhesive? You get Lace Tape!
Now who in the world would have ever thought? I don’t know but I sure do like!
It would be great to along with this
Japanese Happy Tape!
Everyone loves receiving boxes all gussied up right?!

Bag Made with Love...

I've had this book Simple Sewing for a while now and there's no better time than the present for me to go ahead and try my hand at one of the projects. I'm going to make a tote bag. {collective sighs of oohs & aahs applicable right...here}
I took a sewing class approx. two years ago and made a tote, but the directions on how to make one has truly gotten lost in my memory bank, so I think that I need a refresher and I'll start with the Simple Sewing book.

Stay tuned for the results!

If I Had....

a pink bedroom, I'd want it to come with this fantastic hum dinger of a bed!

{Photo via Callie Grayson}

California Dreaming...

Can one of my dear friends puhlease go on a California vacation with me {sometime soon} & we can stay at the Viceroy Hotel either in Palm Springs or Santa Monica & then afterwards we can head to San Francisco!!

My friend Leah McCormick, {who is an AMAZNG photographer & wonderfully sweet gem of a person}, photographed a wedding there & I’ve been in love ever since!

Let me know ASAP so we can start planning to go!

{Photos courtesy of Flickr}

Heading out the Door...

to embark upon a new day!

I Do Scream for Ice Cream..

Whatever you do, puhlease take advantage of Ben & Jerry’s FREE {F-R-E-E} Cone Day TODAY!

Thank you and you may now return to your day!!

Sharing is Caring...so enjoy!

Sycamore Amore...

I absolutely adore papered products especially ones that are letter pressed!!

* Letterpress: the process of printing from an inked raised surface especially when the paper is impressed directly upon the surface. {Merriam Webster Dictionary}

Sycamore Street Press is a lovely gem that has tons of mouth watering prints & get this… “fresh art + eco letterpress printing + affordable prices + fun monthly packages = the Sycamore Club”.

When you become a member of the Sycamore Club they promise to send you a letterpress printed certificate of membership and then new pieces of letterpress printed art each month. Now how cool & thoughtful is that!

Let's Have a Look See....

At what’s in my purse for the day! Normally I’m toting around a bag larger than me and it’s filled to the zippers with who knows what. Today I actually carried kinda light!

Purse: Loop

Fresh Breath: Altoids {wintergreen} & Orbit {wintermint}

Pen: Aerie

Small Wallet: Glassmott {this printed wallet was a gift from my dear dear friends who have dubbed me as "Print" for my love of animal printed goodies}

Keys: Betseyville

Mascara: Lash Exact {my personal favorite}

Chantae Cann...

simply beautiful & breathtakingly sweet.....You can tell that she has such a sweet spirit it pours through her voice!

Hey There....

{Photo courtesy of She's_Jack}

Tufted Headboard...

So I’ve been in search of headboard for my bed for a little while now. I knew that I wanted one that was velvet, tufted and preferably a neutral color {cream, wheat etc.}. It’s just something about tufted velvet that just looks so dreamy/luxurious!
Well I finally found one that I really like and that I think will do my bed/room some much deserved justice.
Now alls I have to do now is place my order and wait patiently for it to arrive to its new home to my wide opened arms!

Room Makeover...

Have you ever felt the need to change things up in your bedroom since it’s supposed to be your comfortable happy haven from the chaotic outside world? I’ve been trying to re-do my room for over a year now and I can proudly say that things are finally underway!

My color palette is pretty much neutral tones with white furniture and a splash of color here and there {from books to throws, etc.}. My walls are {Warm nutmeg} are pretty much the only thing in my room that will not change sicne my sister/friend and I took a night and painted until we were delirious, but I think the awesome Taco dinner I prepared afterwards paid my debt. Thanks C. Harrison!!!
I’ve finally found the ‘large’ furniture pieces {dressers, chair & desk} all from IKEA, after countless early Saturday morning trips {thanks Mom}. One thing that I found out on one of those trips, is that IKEA lets you design your own desk, so I took advantage of that and after approx. 20-25 of deciding how large I wanted the desk to be and which style legs I wanted, a decision was finally made. Overall things are progressing well. I only need to order my headboard and look for a TV that doesn’t have a gigantic backside!

I will def. keep you posted on how things work out.

P.S.: I said that I was going to have a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the completion of the room since I’ve only been talking about it since FORVER!. My friend’s laughed {S. Ford in particular} but I think it’s only because she knows that I will actually have one. I make everything, even the smallest of things a reason to celebrate but that’s what helps make me..ME!

Sewing Be Still My Needle...

OMG in CAPS! Urban Outfitters has a new section to their website called Make it Sew! If you like sewing {I like it from time to time and pretty much need a boost of prodding or a great project to do it}, you really need to check out the fun, heart pattering things they have here, it's a small collection but it'll get your mind revived for some sewing projects!!

Just For You..

For my friends who're feeling blue
here's a little diddy just for YOU!

You can't help but smile!

Thank You...

I just wanted to send a small but LARGE thank you to my dear dear friend Maris for the wonderful/thoughtful gift she got me the other week. She knows my love for cupcakes and thought that this fantastic & delightful book would be perfect for me and make me bubble over with glee! Well she was right!

Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and always pouring into me!

I ♥ you this much!!!

{Photo courtesy of Hello Cupcake}

Love is in Season Always...

Because I love love {to give and to receive}, I thought it would be a great idea to send little love treats to my family & friends. I decided to make hearts, printed different labels with various love quotes pasted them on the hearts & mailed them to my dear recipients.

It felt good to send them something and it made my heart glad! I'm sure it was a pleasant surprise & that they enjoyed receiving something in the mail that wasn't junk mail or bills.

I really love doing nice things for the ones I love and it's great to warm a heart and most of all spread love {pass it along}!


To my friend C. Anderson who was officially sworn in today as {drumroll Clarke W. Griswald style please}…. Maryland Assistant State’s Attorney!!!!! {cymbals crashing}

Congratulations are def. in order and I know that you are going to be a wonderful addition to the government. All things happen in God’s timing so again Congratulations. So dinner’s on you right? just kidding, food for Hampton will be just fine. Ha ha

Fred the Succulent...

Is there a doctor in the house? I purchased a succulent {that I named Fred} a few months ago from Trader Joe's. I was so excited because I wanted to add a nice little plant to my room and what better plant than a cactus because they're very low maintenance and they're one of the easiest plants to take care of {so I thought}. Well, the other day I noticed that a few of Fred's leaves weren't looking so green and when I touched them they were kinda squishy which I'm sure wasn't a good thing.

Sadly, I've come to the conclusion that I may have over watered Fred in my angst because every time I looked, his soil was dry as well...dirt. I'd hate to see Fred go to that glorious cactus heaven haven, at least not now. Hopefully he can be revived and live a full green, lush life.

I Like Dresses....

like these! The third one may need some leggings underneath so I don't show all my gils and fins but the dress is still lovely just the same!!

Photos courtesy of
Frances May}


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