Bubbling Brown Sugar....

I truly love bath and body products {smell goods is what I affectionately call them}. When you surf the net you happen upon tons and tons, loads upon loads of great finds.
Daily Candy peeked my interest in Flourish Bath & Body Products and I'm so glad they did! ! I went to the site and they have some wonderfully delightful products. My mouth honestly began to become a pool of liquid goo {sorry} when browsing through their plethora of goodies. I’m so excited that I think that I’m going to place an order today for the Brown Sugar Sugarcube Scrub...I so can't wait!!

To Honor and Cherish...

I think that weddings of course are beautiful in any season. In the Spring, you get to smell lovely fragrant flowers, in the Summer, the sun lends its grace and shines brightly, in the Fall, the changing autumn leaves gives us a magical show, and the Winter evokes a white somewhat mystical wonderland!

It seems as though family members and friends alike have chosen 2009 to be the year in which they embark upon a wonderful merriment of new beginnings & I have the pleasure of trying of not only celebrating and rejoicing with them, but also...trying to figure out what to wear. With a wedding happening this weekend and another in two weeks...I've only found one dress that may make it to at least one of the weddings {smile}.

Whelp here she
is in her brightly colored top glory. It's beautiful I believe and think it would be most appropriate {although I will need something to cover my arms} for the brightly hued wedding ceremony in two weeks!

{photo courtesy of Anthropologie}

Ppppppound Cake.....

I happened upon the most drool worthy {food wise} site ever as I was looking for a pound cake recipe and man oh man, hubba hubba baby did I find one!
I honestly cannot WAIT to try this out!
I think that I'm going to peruse Smitten Kitchen's site for more delectable treats. I have my eye on the Carmelized Onion and Goat Cheese Cornbread......yum yum

{photos courtesy of Smitten Kitchen}

Have a Lovely Weekend...

As this work week comes to a close, I have a massive under taking to attend to this weekend: CLOSET CLEANING! My closet has been looking like doom lives in it for months now and it's very much unbearable. So I have determined that this weekend will be THEE weekend that I yank back control and restore order! Hear Hear!

So as you execute your plans for the weekend, prayerfully by Monday I will be singing a slightly more wonderful, relaxed and organized tune because my closet will indeed be cleaned!

As always, have a lovely weekend!
*Update: Mission Closet Cleaning was succesful to say the least! I was thoroughly surprised at how many things I’ve thrown, stuffed and smashed into my little sliver of closet space. Now I can actually see the walls and the floor and I’m indeed pleased as punch. The next item on my list is to wallpaper and organize and pledge for it never to look horrible AGAIN!


I'm actually pretty excited to begin watching the new show Glee on FOX. Wait, has this already begun airing and I'm just a tad bit late? {update: the pilot episode debuted in May} Well whichever, I'm still excited, perhaps it'll be worth rushing home to see..only time will tell. Episodes begin airing tomorrow night {9th}!

To watch the pilot episode, click here.
{photo courtesy of TV Guide}

Welcome Home...

Now who wouldn't want to come home and see this darling gem of a mat, waiting to greet you as you walk up to your door?! It's so fantastic, I think that I need it, I really do need it, I promise. And what also sweetens the deal is that it's only $12.99! Oh how sweet it is!

{photo courtesy of Ikea}


This def. seems like a wonderful film that I wouldn't mind viewing and/or adding to my film collection. It gives a interesting aspect about how five women juggle many roles in their lives & their "struggle" with deciphering how to create a delicate balance between their passion and families.

For more information about this film/maker, click here.

Everyone Likes Something...

I have to admit it that I do like animal print. I’m drawn to it for some reason.

It’s on my shoes, luggage, clothing, jewelry, pillows and the list indeed goes on and on.
However, I must say I’m not a walking leopard, cheetah, or any other printed animal. I’d categorize myself as having “a tasteful love and appreciation for our printed furry friends.” Now the only thing that I have to mindful of is that when I’m in my Golden Twilight years, that I will not allow myself to be covered head to toe in prints, although my current nickname to my dear dear friends is none other than, you’ve guessed it, “Print.”

Yesterday my co-worker said, I have something for you and I’m going to bring it to work tomorrow. When she gave it to me this morning I couldn’t help but bowl over in laughter. It’s a sweet yet comical gift and I think that I’m going to use it as a reminder when I do reach those Golden Twilight years.

Thanks Erica.

Simple Silhouette...

I can’t even accurately express how long I’ve wanted to create a silhouette portrait. I think that’s so cool, creative and pretty darned nifty. I don’t have Photo Shop on my computer and I couldn’t imagine spending an arm and a leg to get it, so I placed this little longing in a little mental box of “things I want to do but can’t at the moment."

Well now’s the time to pluck it from the murky depths of my mental box. The Fab Miss B, created a nifty little instructional on how to create your very own custom silhouette portrait. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to get started. I need to do one of me and of course one of Hampton the dog.
{photo courtesy of TheFab Miss B}

Twenties Girl...

There is nothing like grabbing a really good book and devouring the pages every chance that you get. Obviously that’s how I get whenever I’m able to put my precious little hands on anything by Sohpie Kinsella {the author of the fantastic Shophaholic series}.
Presently I’m reading her latest novel, Twenties Girl, and in true fashion, my heart beats with anticipation at the mere thought of being able to grab it and read! So far it's been truly fantastic.

Yum Yum to my Tum Tum...

If you haven’t noticed at this juncture, I love to eat and cook. I’m so amazed at the number of cookbooks, cooking websites and blogs and recipes that there are in this beautiful land of ours. The other weekend some of my gal pals and I were watching this marathon on the Food Network and I’m telling you, every segment made our mouths water and our hearts beat with glee at the site of numerous tasty dishes, one after another.

There is one site that I like to visit called The Pioneer Woman as it’s a joy to the eyes and stomach! Not only is it chock full of delicious treats and recipes, but it’s clearly a melting pot of just good things. I tried the recipe she provided for making Cheese Muffins last year for Thanksgiving, and my family members were clamoring for more! I tweaked the recipe a little bit and added a dollop of sour cream to the mixture and voila be still my beating heart.

Check out Pioneer Woman for more fantastic recipes. My next venture is to conquer her "The Best Lasagna Ever" and I have a feeling that it's truly going to be the BEST lasagna ever!

{photos courtesy of The Pioneer Woman}


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