There are Monkeys on My Glass...

And it's safe to say that I don't mind it not one bit!
I first eyed this wonderful glass in the September issue of Every Day with Rachel Ray. If you want to add a little bit of fun monkey business to your every day glassware you can order them here.

Pork Chops Make Jewlery...

I love rings of all shapes and sizes..hubba hubba. So the other day, I found this little gem darling when I was perusing Porkchop Rules. I liked it so much that I purchased it and I can't wait for it to arrive to my house, for me to unwrap it and ever so gently place it on one of my ten digits!
{photo courtesy of Porkchop Rules}

Happy 150th Post...

Blogging has def. brought an extra added beam of sunshine into my life. I get to comment on pretty things, beautiful & creative people, express thoughts & just share with the world. And by the looks of it, I've officially done it 150 times!

So thank you wonderful people for peeking into my thoughts and seeing the things that I like, what's impacted me and whats brought me joy. Thanks for your wonderful comments and hopefully I can keep this orb of sunshine going for a billion times 150!
{photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings}

What a Marvel Idea...

Since Hampton the dog has become quite the traveler, I think that I need to add these fantastic bowls to his travel bag.

They are described as being: “A must for every dog owner, portable Slurbabowls ensure you'll always have a container for your pet's food or water. Slip one into your pocket or handbag or attach it to a leash. Simply pop open the dog-shaped bowl - it holds up to two cups of food or water. Folds flat when your dog is done and can be reused. It's also recyclable - after a few uses, simply place it in your paper recycling bin.”

I think all signs point to, YES, I’ll take two please! The things you get for the pets you love!

{photo courtesy of Pop Deluxe}

Madewell 1937...

who said cowl necks and fringes don't go together? I love this top from Madewell 1937.
I've purchased a number of items from this store and I think it's safe to safe that.....i ♥ it very very much!
{photo courtesy of Madewell 1937}

Think Of The....

beautiful things that you can do with these!!!!

{photos courtesy of Think of The}

Sandwich Thieves Thwarted...

Ah the joys of packing your lunch and happily bringing it to work! No longer are you apart of the lunch crowd that hurriedly crowds the city streets filing into various food establishments while your lunch gets tossed and flung around as the preparers try to quickly fill their orders.
The pleasure of knowing that you have a hearty meal only steps away in the company frig, your mouth waters, your heart flutters with glee, you’re only moments away from enjoying your delectable treats…you inch closer to the frig, open the door and there, there right in front of you is your lunch bag, it’s like Christmas morning, you rush to your seat, desk already prepared to welcome your lavish homemade spread, you take out your beverage, chips, fruit, & your wallop of a sandwich only to find, wait, oh no, OH YES, only to find that there is a HUGE chunk missing! Missing? Yes, missing.
Do you:
a. sputter out words of utter dismay and confusion
b. send a company wide e-mail on the do’s and don’ts of sandwich thievery
c. eat it any way {good heavens NO}
I’m thinking that option d. would have been the perfect choice for my co-worker who actually opted for option b when this travesty happened to her.
Though disgusting yet comical to look at, I’m thinking that this actually might deter office sandwich thieves.
{photos courtesy of Think of The}

Pamela is the BEST...

I participated in the summer Swap hosted by the lovely Dionne {check out her blog, she’s awesome} & I recently received a fantastic gem of a treat in my mail & thank heavens they weren’t bills!
First, I’m so glad that I’m getting to know Pamela as she is a wonderfully, sweet, warm hearted, kind & talented person!! It’s really nice to meet nice people. My Pastor often says, “it’s nice to be nice & it’s especially nice when people are nice to you because they don’t have to be”, & I really find this to be true. In a society that can sometimes be peppered with chaos & turmoil, it’s a wonderful gift to come across people who don’t appear to be tainted or weathered by the world.

Pamela’s gem treat was filled with loads of goodies: Cupcake liners, napkins, sprinkles that I can’t wait to wrap my lips around, glorious stamps, a necklace from her awesome jewelry collection {she’s a designer you know} & a superb little note from her to me!!!

Pam, you’re the best and I’m so glad that we were paired & that we’re becoming friends!!!


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