The Martha Stewart Show... friends and I went to the Martha Stewart Show on Tuesday as one of my monthly birthday activities for the month of April (yeah since this is a big year, I'm doing fun activities all year each month) and let me just tell you that I LOVED every bit of it! We had such a fantastic time hanging out in New York and most of all being a part of the live studio audience. We were on the The Color Show donning our blue shirts courtesy of American Apparel and most importantly..on the front row. You can even see us during the first four seconds of the show and peppered throughout the entire show. TALK ABOUT EXCITED. I even won a prize for being the most energetic audience member! ha ha

I had a simply marvelous time walking around downtown New York donning our Penelope Toop Party Hats, eating breakfast at The Empire Diner and having lunch at Rickshaw's Dumpling Bar! It was a wonderful Tuesday and you know what? I'd do it all over again!

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