Slush Lush...

I think that if I lived in NYC, I would so be looking out for this guy and his truck! Kelvin makes "grown up" slushies and the flavors sound so refreshing and delectable!
Here's the process you go through once you reach the truck:
Step 1 – The Slush
Choose your slush flavor from Kelvin’s unique creations, including Spicy Ginger, Tangy Citrus or Green & Black Tea.

Step 2 – The Mix-In
Choose your real fruit purée mix-in. We rotate the fruit we offer, so there is always something new and fresh to try.

Step 3 – The Float (Optional)
Kick back to childhood and make your Kelvin a Float by adding a scoop of ice cream.

Designing your custom Kelvin Slush is that easy. With your input, we’ll serve up amazing flavor combinations which are all natural, always refreshing and always super cold.

Some of our favorite Kelvin Slush combos are:
Blood Orange + Ginger
Blueberry + Tea
Açaí + Ginger
White Peach + Tea
Mango + Citrus

This is just simply wonderful and makes me want to high tail it back to NYC pronto and FIND THIS TRUCK!

{photo courtesy of Kelvin Slush via Restaurant Girl}


I'm a huge fan of lovely smell goods so I'm eager to get my little hands on one of the fragrances by Fresh. It's an ode to the book (now turned movie), aptly named Eat Love Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's looking like Eat or Love may be my favorites!
{photo courtesy of Fresh}

Happy Birthday Kennedy...

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin Kennedy who graced the world with her presence on this very day! I hope it was filled with butterflies, sunshine, rainbows, laughter and of course cupcakes. Love you oodles!!! Celebrate good times come on!
{photo via We Heart It}

Drop a Love Bomb...

"Love Bomb is a project of It Starts With Us that drops love in the form of blogs on those who are in need of it." This is such a wonderful project that spreads one of the greatest gifts that we can give and/or receive..LOVE. I found out about it via Lauren Nicole Love (her name is befitting and her blog is wonderful, she literally oozes love). If spreading love to those who need it as well as those who need encouragement those we know and even perfect strangers, then this is a perfect starter.

This is simply wonderful! As the song goes,

What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love
It's the only thing
That there's just too little of

What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love
No not just for some
But for everyone
{photo by Jenni Penni}

Emerson Made...Well...

These beautiful clutch bags by Emerson Made are just simply darling. Whats even better is that she's going to be debuting her clothing line in late summer/early fall. Is there really anything that she can't do? She's def. one of my inspirations to do wholeheartedly what you desire to do and to have fun at it!

{photos courtesy of Emerson Made}


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