Have a Lovely Weekend...

I'm looking forward to the extended weekend that is quickly approaching within just a few short hours. Aside from trying to convince myself to do some much needed spring/pre-summer cleaning (you know the kind where you go through your old clothes and decided what you really need and what you should part with cleaning, the get on your hands and knees and scrub clean cleaning, the dreaded, if I open the closet door an avalanche of forgotten things might attack me but it needs to be done sooner than later cleaning), I think that this weekend should be simply lovely.

My mother and I are going to see A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor while munching on our little assortment of food treats.

And I'm hoping to see Please Give as well as eating some good food, spend time with the dog, and maybe just maybe possibly picking out some paint for my room renovation.
With all that being said, have a lovely weekend all and may you enjoy your time filling it with things and people you love!
{photo courtesy of Audrey + Lindsay}

Flower Power...

I've always wanted to have a home or room that has a least one small vase of fresh flowers. The look is beautiful and it's refreshing to have something with vivid color and flourishing blooms in a room of familiarity.
Last week at the Farmer's Market I decided that I will treat myself to fresh flowers once a week as long as the Farmer's Market was in town. My flower of choice has been the peony flower (light pink, dark pink and white) and it's been almost one week later and the flowers have all opened up and add a nice element to my room.
I'm now hooked and with this book (which I am promptly going to add to my birthday wish list), and my skills from my floral class, I think that I can gussy up my weekly floral treat!
(photo courtesy of Amazon)

Good Stuff...

I've heard about Good Stuff Eatery (home to delicious burgers and shakes) a few times before but now that I've seen a small peek of Spike Mendelsohn's debut cookbook, The Good Stuff Cookbook, I really really need to go PRONTO and add the cookbook to my growing cookbook collection!

one more thing: they even have a Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake (mentioned here)! I guess I'm now in the marshmallow milkshake know!

(photo courtesy of Amazon)

Know it All's and Hearts...

While reading June's edition of Real Simple, I spotted some fantastic pencils, dubbed as Know it All pencils. They are just the darndest little things. They have little facts on them to you know, help you know it all (not really but they seem fun to have). I think that out of the collection of know it all pencils, the Chef's pencils may be my favorite! A rousing round of applause to Paper Pastries for such a marvel idea!

Also, while browsing their etsy shop, my eyes gravitated to a little card, that says I left my ♥ in Brooklyn, but you can actually customize any city that you like. Although I haven't been yet, I'm thinking that perhaps I should get a card that reads I left my heart in Paris...a piece of it is over there I tell you...it really is. I'll see you one day my fair city, one day!

Marshmallow Delight...

I mean I like toasted marshmallows and I really like making smores at home in my little white oven. There is a terrfic S'mores with raspberries recipe that i've followed a few times and it doesn't disappoint....not EVER.
So since I have a little marshmallow love in my heart, I was def. up to trying a toasted marshmallow shake! Doesn't it look divine? I just want to gobble it up right this instant. I'm going to follow this recipe and hopefully make it sooner than soon!

{photo via
Cupcakes and Cashmere}

Blushing Ambition...

Blushing Ambition is a wonderfully delightful blog that I spotted via Refinery29 today. Annabel's blog is chock full of fashion photos (of her daily wares), food/restaurants (my favorirte part!), style, pizzaz and much much more. I enjoyed getting lost in the wonderful world of blushing amibition today! To me her blog makes me want to move to San Fran and try every single restaurant in the city!!!
{photo courtesy of Blushing Ambition}


Vintage Paper Placemats...

A few weeks ago I spotted these vintage paper placemats during a Paper Source trip. Isn't it divine. I would love to incorporate these into a party or I can even use them as gift wrap! The mind wheels are a turning!

I ♥ Design by Avenue...

This morning I received my daily email a la Daily Candy, and not to say that all of their emails stick in my head (ok ok sometimes they do and sometimes they don't), but today's little gift was wonderful! They featured an online design company, I ♥ Design by Avenue that pretty much does the interior design work for you! I quickly went to their site and not only is this a fabulous idea (helping people design, furnish and decorate their space), but the name is so darling.

The process is that you send them photos of your space (be it, bedroom, office, kitchen, etc.) and some measurements and they in turn (for a reasonable fee of $3.50 per square foot..is that a lot?) give you illustrations of what they can do! Of course they do more so you should really really, no I mean really really check them out. Plus their website is seriously peachy keen!

They have a bevy of styles to choose from, however, I think my design style is more or less, give or take, roundabout Rue Claudel: a bicycle with a basket is the only way to arrive at Rue Claudel (i like pretty bicycles!). It is the best of the French Provincial style (I ♥ Paris!): Elegant European design made warm and welcoming by neutral materials (I love warm and neutral colors!). Delicately carved settee (I've been wanting one of these!) is brought down to earth by lived-in linen and a neutral maple wood finish. Add to that some patinaed metals, woven chair seats, honed limestone and the scene is fit for the countryside! If you like Wisteria, vouz aimerez Rue Claudel. Oh how do they know my style so well? It's like they are my best friends!!
Oh Daily Candy, you really outdid yourself today with this great find. Thanks for sharing it/them with the world!
{found via Daily Candy photo courtesy of I ♥ Design by Avenue}

French Hand-tied Bouquet...

I would love how to make a small French hand-tied bouquet. I'm guessing with the few hours worth of knowledge I gained from the floral class I attended in March coupled with these directions, it should have no other choice but to turn out pretty sweet...right?
{photo via Design Mom and directions via Frolic}


I think that these bags by Death and Texas want to come home with me pronto! I also think that they want to possibly be a birthday gift! Wouldn't that be the bee's knees! Hmmm I'm already starting to think about the small things that I can put in them and I'm sure the objects would be proud to be toted around in such beautiful packaging! And the really cool part about the striped bag is that is also functions as a bike handlebar bag (maybe a bike will soon follow so I can put it on and spruce the bike up a bit), a purse (with included shoulder straps) and it can be a clutch. Talk about multi-functional!

{photos via Death and Texas }

The Generous Mr. Lovewell...

I absolutely ♥ the ministry of MercyMe and my heart is steadily growing fonder as they have this movement called The Generous Mr. Lovewell (which is also the name of their latest CD). The movement calls for us to love one another and to do well for and towards each other.

Small acts of love/kindness without looking for a reward in return speaks volumes to a world/people that are in need. Kind words and actions go an immeasurable distance and lasts for a lifetime.

In a world that can sometimes be chaotic and even harsh, we all are in need of being a Generous Mr. Lovewell (we need more). Love has a much more lasting effect than hate, it feels so much better and has an even greater return!

I WILL be a Generous Mr. Lovewell, how about you?

Sing a Song...

How exceptionally cool is this video? I saw this story on Headline News yesterday and it really captured my attention. This is something that happens when you have a creative mind (Eric Whitacre) and various people from around this beautiful world, finding a common thread...music. Each singer uploaded themselves singing and they were inevitably turned into a virtual choir. Absolutely wonderful!

Happy for Happy Tape...

I'm thinking about ordering some happy tape. It's uses are endless and who can resist stripes? I really can't. It would be awesome if they can make some chevron striped tape as well! Oh boy that would be great! But in the meantime, I think that I'll be happy with the regular stripes that Happy Tape has to offer!

Have a Lovely Mother's Day Weekend....

To all the wonderful mothers that have impacted the lives of their own children and others, may you have a tremendously beautiful Mother's Day Weekend!
Mere words alone can never articulate how much you mean to us. Your unwavering love, compassion, laughter, excitement, provision (the list is truly endless), we are proud to be your daughters and sons. May you feel not only on Mother's Day the love that we have for you, but prayerfully it's felt with each new day we're allowed to see.
For those whose mother's may have passed, may you recall truly fond memories of the amazing woman your mother was and all the precious things that she instilled in you. May God continue to give you comfort and peace and most of all joy!
Have a lovely weekend!
{photo courtesy of Martha Stewart}

Colorful Mobiles...

I'm simply loving this idea of colorful mobiles by Jordan Ferney! Wouldn't it just make any party simply wonderful?

{photo via Oh Happy Day}

He's Able...

just a small note of encouragement to Oh Hello Friend. I happened upon her blog today and as I was reading through, I read some news that she posted about her mother. It further confirmed to me that we as Christians are not exempt from various trials and tribulations BUT the great news is that God is so amazing that He's able to do anything that's in His will to do on our behalf above all that we can even ask for or even think! A lot of times what we personally experience, is not for us to learn something, but rather that others will see how we handle things and it in turn helps them.

Though I don't know Danni, my heart goes out to her and her family and I'm rejoicing in the recovery of her mother. Though we don't always understand the ways of God, He does all things well. As I was reading her post, this song/words came to mind:

God is able to do, just what He said He would do, He's going to fulfill every promise to you, don't give up on God, cause He won't give up on you, He's able.
{photo courtesy of Danske}


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