Easy Breezy Natural Hair Beach Waves...

During the summer months I need something that would be easy and require little to no heat. Alternating with each wash cycle (about every two to three weeks), for this style, I wash my hair, blow dry (on a low setting with cool bursts of air) and flat iron with one pass (not making it “bone/stick straight). Next, I make a part in my hair, either on the side or down the middle and take one large section on both sides of my head, apply a light cream or oil (Frederic Fekkai Olive Oil Cream or Jojoba oil) and two strand twist it creating two “twisted buns”. Once the "buns" are created, I head to bed and in the morning, “release” them and slightly fluff my hair to separate and create a little volume (I have to admit I like big hair..sometimes).
The result is a nice beach wave look without all the fuss, loads of heat and/or tons of product, plus it takes less than 10 minutes to part, apply a dab of product twist and pin. I will keep this look for about until my hair wash day.
The beauty in this style is that it doesn’t require me to flat iron my hair continuously/daily and I can have no fuss beach waves minus the heat pretty much over night. To keep this look just retwist nightly and voila!

What easy breezy go to hairstyles do you rely on?

Recovery Mode...

The past two months have been pretty busy/hectic/fast paced but it's been wonderful. From out of town weddings, travel for work, planning a bridal shower etc., I was looking forward to more things and the "more things" happened this past weekend. After the phenomenal weekend I had with the wedding activities Friday/Saturday and hanging out with my girlfriends on Sunday, yesterday I just needed a day to sort of decompress. I decided to do a bit of pre-summer cleaning and re-organzing and do my normal purging of items that I either don't use anymore, have too many of and/or things that I didn't need to keep anymore. It felt good to give the house a bit of a thorough cleaning PLUS I had a chance to stay in a cool house!
What sort of things do you do to "recover" from a hectic schedule?

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Have a Lovely Weekend...

Me (left) and Christina (right) sporting a PT Party Hat at her Bridal Shower
This Saturday is the wedding of my best friend Christina/Chrissy and I'm sooo overjoyed! We've known each other for the past eight years but it seems like a lifetime. As with each of our friends, you want nothing but joy to flood, overtake and consume their lives and with her upcoming nuptials and this wonderful journey that she's on, she honestly needs an ark to help her ride these blissful waves. 

So here's to my beautiful sister/friend,  may you have an amazing ceremony and may it surpass what you've already envisioned, may you think of what you've endured with regard to relationships and view where you currently are (getting married to the love of your amazing life) and be thankful for the new beginnings that start the moment you say I Do!

I'm ready to continue celebrating with my friend and partying it up all night long!! YAY to love & God's fulfillment of His promise, His Word never returns to Him void!

Away we Go to Moonrise Kingdom...

While commuting into the office today, I was reading the Express, the Thursday edition which is my favorite because it is always choke full of upcoming things to do in the city and came across an intersting movie.

Moonrise Kingdom, which is set in 1965. The premise is that "a pair of young lovers (Kara Hayward, Jared Gilman) flee their New England island town, prompting a local search party led by the Sheriff (Bruce Willis) and the girl's parents (Bill Murray, Frances McDormand) to fan out to find them." Let's just say that I have already secured my ticket/seat for the Advance Screening and I will be there next Thursday.

It's quirky and just seems to be a film that is right up my movie alley!

{Video via Moonrise Kingdom}

I Can't Wait to Continue to...

It's something about the erethral feeling of loving, believing and not taking anything for granted that gives me butterflies, shivers, warm smiles, happy thoughts and even beautiful tears. I think that I need to add this artwork to my home, keep it in my thoughts and/or give it as a gift. Either way, the words and intentions are beautiful!

{photo via Sarah and Bendrix}

We Belong Together...

{Photo via Zara}

Inspiration: Let it Go...

As hard as it may be at times, I must remind myself that I have and must learn to let things go that I cannot control. If not, I will continue to drive myself either insane, mad or anything else that can come along with not releasing.
My mind constantly goes to things, processes and even people that I want to hold onto but at a certain point, the revelation comes no matter how or when, that we, as creatures of emotions, responses and reactions must learn to let it go.

{photo via Curly in the City}

Inspiration: Know & Be Confident...

As a person who is trying to start a small business (Party hats and paper goods, with a few things in between) the above quote stood out to me it prompted me to think about a few things:

1. Learn how to network, socialize and learn from people whose work I admire.

2. Be confident. 99.9% of the work that I do is purely handmade and because I want to grow my clientele, often times I tend to question myself as it pertains to, if I charge “too much” for the work that I do, will my clients become few and far in between. In essence, you want to be reasonable but you also want to realistically be able to “reap the benefits” of the efforts that you put forth to produce great products.

3. Learn to take risks and learn from mistakes. Not everyone who ventures into their own brand/identity gets it right the first time and there may be a few bumps along the way. Be mindful that mistakes are to be learned from and this is where you can gain the experience and acceptance that we’re not perfect but you make an honest effort to reach perfection. Be willing to have a few failures but know that you're not one.

4. Have faith that what you’re doing is what you were destined and meant to do. Don't be scared and don’t judge your gifts/talents by others abilities. You were created to be unique and to travel your own path. And that’s not to say that you can’t be inspired by others, just don’t be intimated.

5. Have a supportive team. I know for me, I try to do EVERYTHING on my own because I feel like I can handle it but sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed so get help when needed because that what your team is for. They are to help your vision(s) along and execute so that you’re successful.

6. Be confident of the direction that you want to head in and make moves, attempts and strides to get there!

7.  Have fun! Though sacrifices are made on many ends, questioning yourself, long hours, a period of waiting, disappointments, not really being sure of what to do and lack of confidence, have fun doing what you love! Be driven by your passion for your gift and let it fuel you and have fun along the way
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I saw the most hilarious cards today while shopping in Paper Source with my BFF.
I imagined entire scenes in my head of "appropriate" situations in which to hand them out. They can only be described as too funny, again hilarious and awesome.
{photo via SetEditions}

Uncertainty, Certainly...

I happened upon a new book that I would like to read and it covers a most realistic topic I think anyone faces..Uncertainty in all aspects of life and thoughts. "The Principles of Uncertainty" by illustrator/author, Maira Kalman,  appears to be a book worth reading and adding to my collection. I love the affirmation of the book by fellow author, Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray Love), that it's an exquisite and delightful and peculiarly illustrated memoir about...well, the search for the meaning of life."

With that being said, I either need to get it immediately or add it to my Birthday Wish List!
{Photos/quote via Maira Kalman}


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