Have a Lovely Weekend...

I'm looking forward to having a very relaxing (well doing some PT work of course) weekend. Heading to the movies tonight for a mother/daughter movie "date night" and then tomorrow we'll see how the days ahead trots along.

I spotted this video by
"The Girls with Glasses Show via Black*Eiffel and it really made me wish that I had a great talk show with one of my friends, did really cool videos with an amazing concept, that we were outfitted in must have outfits, had a totally cute and friendly dog (that would be Hampton's job), created great props and munched on deliciously frosted cupcakes! But alas I didn't really think of it, so I'll be tuning into this show once it begins. From the clip alone, it really looks like it's going to be a great show! As a girl that wears glasses (well contacts the majority of the time), I think this is just a wonderful idea!

With all that said, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the video!

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