FOOD | Tuna Salad...

Tuna Salad

I wanted something light yet filling but wouldn't take too much time, for dinner last evening. After a few meal ideas, I decided to make a Tuna Salad chock full of spinach, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, onions (white), Albacore tuna (in olive oil and seasoned with lemon pepper/salt) and capers & dressing which I added after the photo was taken. I can honestly & happily say that I was pleased with my meal and my stomach, if it could talk, would say the same!!

What are your go-to light meals that you love preparing?

FOOD | Fried Green Tomatoes...

Ingredients, Dip, Fry & Enjoy!

Over the weekend I had a hankering for some Fried Green Tomatoes so I thought that I would try my hand at making them. Note, the best FGT's I've had were from Mary Mac's Tea Room in Atlanta and Founding Farmers in DC.

I simply followed this recipe and voila, a nice little afternoon treat! I plan on making this recipe again but I think that I will either season my cornmeal first and/or opt to use Panko breadcrumbs to add a crunchier texture. All in all, I really enjoyed this nice down home southern treat!

What treats do you enjoy cooking/whipping up?

Have a Lovely Weekend...

  Well another Friday is upon us and the prospect of a fantastic week awaits! I had a pretty nice week filled with great people, getting tons of work done & eating good food (even though it took an hour to get it) & enjoying a great movie. Much tender loving care is needed at on the home front this weekend so in between laundry, grocery shopping, planning meals for the week and working on another batch of PT Darling earrings*, it should be a smooth sailing weekend.

*If you've perused the site a bit, you may have noticed a Shop PT Button/link on the left hand side. Of course it looks cute on the side but it would be even better to have something to look at once you click it. It's my goal to fill the shop with a few of my handmade items ranging from Party Hats, Small Stationary and some Jewelry! I'm pretty excited, gobsmacked, hype, nervous and pleased as punch with the ideas that I have running around in my head and through my hands and prayerfully things go as planned (God's and a little bit of mine, ha ha)!!!

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, may it be fun, memorable, exciting and adventurous!

Have a Lovely Weekend...

Happy Wednesday...

Happy Wednesday| Second Street Blog
Tonight I'll be heading out for a little bit of Hump Day fun complete with walking around the city (DC), catching Happy Hour (who doesn't love Happy Hour food specials?) with some girlfriends and then off to see the advanced screening of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. I love getting a chance to enjoy the city and then catching what I hope to be a very entertaining movie.

P.S.: I already have my bag packed with a few little treats (Trader Joes Herb Popcorn & some watermelon) to help get me through the movie, sssshhhhh Seriously the popcorn is amazing, I'm already on bag numero three.....

What are your plans for this evening?

Be Armed...

I noticed this beaut which I can picture now at the end of my arm...and who wouldn't love a bit of mint, to add a little stlylish flair and also able to inform those who ask, of the time.

Photo via Anthropologie

Have a Lovely Weekend...

French By Design
This week has been pretty cool, a tad bit emotional and a bit of a blur however, today was awesome! My eldest Goddaughter graduated from 5th grade this morning and I literally felt like a beaming proud parent. Not only is she getting older and becoming a beautiful little lady, but I think this morning gave me a glimpse of how my mother felt once I started getting older and moving through life!!

As usual I'm looking forward to the weekend and working on a few projects both personal and home wise. Another one of my good gal pals is getting married (that makes THREE this year) and she's having her bachelorette party (August) in South Beach, so that means that  I need to book my flight pronto. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to a little getaway, getting a yummy tan and some "gal pal having good time"!

Tonight I'm going to an Open Mic event with a few of my good friends so I'm excited for some good fun, great conversation & the whopping good time I already know I'm about to have.

Whatever your plans be they great or small, take time to enjoy yourself, the weather, some good food, and wonderful company!

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Another Year...

The Earthly Life Giver (Mom) & I

I’m so glad that I can say that I had a wonderful, fantastic birthday weekend! From bountiful well wishes, to fun gifts & spending time with my family & friends, and good eats, it was amazing & I'm so thankful to celebrate and enjoy another year of life. Often times I think that I get comfortable or secure in the fact that I will see another day and may not take advantage of what each day has to offer.
Yesterday a friend of mine lost a loved one and although he was older and was blessed beyond measure to experience a wonderful life, love and family, it makes me even more thankful of the life that I’m presently living and praying that I’ll continue to live. I pray that I surround myself with enjoying this one life that God has given me, that I'm determined to reach my present goals, and even accomplish/surpass the ones I plan in the future. I’m looking forward to older age & reminiscing about my youth and the awesome time that I had, looking back on past disappointments that I’ve learned from, loves experienced & the love that remained. Saying thank you for the gifts/talents that were bestowed upon me from God and putting them to use instead of keeping them to myself. To letting myself know that despite how I feel, how I’ve felt, what was done, what I would like done over & what still needs to be..that I'll continue being me and the beautiful person that God has designed me to be. We do only live once, and through this life we ought to live it to the fullest with no regrets, creating legacies and being fulfilled.
Here’s to another year and prayerfully many many more to come, to celebrate, to love & to enjoy!!

Have a Lovely Weekend...


This week didn't exactly go as initially planned as it pertained to doing something birthday related and fun each day, so I've decided to celebrate ALL MONTH LONG (no one who knows me should truly be surprised). I think that's a great "consolation prize" to this week. Each day I've just been beyond pooped! Yesterday my job volunteered to do a Community Beautification activity and we planted a vegetable garden, planted flowers, painted, mulched, cleaned and really made a wonderful collaborative effort with one of our Network organizations. Once the day came to a close, I think that it was evident that each of us were glad we volunteered and felt that  it was completely fulfilling to make a difference even if small in our community!
This week I did manage to head to Madewell in Georgetown for a small event party that DC Scout hosted in celebration of their 4th Year Anniversary! Unfortunately, I left my cell phone in the office so I wasn't able to capture any of the clothes, people or even the set up (bummer). I did however, get to munch on cupcakes, sip a little champagne, get a super gift bag and peruse through Madewell's good finds, so all in all I was pleased as punch!
As for the plans for my weekend and my BIG day (tomorrow) go, I've decided that dressing up (yep, heels, dresses etc. the whole nine and 10 yard) for a small Girls Night Out Movie outing would be great, so we're going to see Hysteria (which looks like it's a perfect Girls Night Out Movie and hilarious) and afterwards dine on sushi and recap on the movie, the goodness of life, love and careers. Later this month, I plan on doing a New York Day Trip with a few friends and checking out a restaurant that has peaked my interest for quite some time (more about that once we get closer to the trip)!
Whatever your plans are for the weekend, may it be enjoyable, memorable and beautiful! Take time to enjoy yourself and others.

Be thankful and Have a Lovely Weekend!

{photo courtesy of Sparkles and Pretending via Pinterest}

Straight Grilling...

I found this wonderful little article that gives small tips for "A Lady's Guide to Grilling". This is something that I find handy because I secretly would love to learn how to work a grill without charring anything. What better way to learn how to put some serious burn on the grill (not literally but I think that may be acceptable grill talk), please your guests, receive all the impressive accolades and not even break a sweat? I'm so totally in!

{photo via Anthropologie Magazine}

Have a Lovely Weekend...

Happy June! This weekend is the kickoff of my birthday (June 9th) week! So in true Princess fashion, I've decided to take more than just one day to celebrate. All next week I want to do a bevy of things in celebration and anticipation of the BIG day! Once I see how the week goes, I may extend the celebration for the entire month! I don't think that one can ever get too old to get amped up about your born day! It only comes once a year and each year is a blessing indeed. As my grandmother says, "every day above ground is cause for celebration" and I must agree!

Hopefully this weekend proves to be a great start to my birthday!

So as always, Have a Lovely Weekend!!

{photo via Bunnnay}


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