Letterpress Giddiness...

I'm so excited that I probably cannot adequately express it in words but it's worth giving it a try!
I'm super de duper de, fantastically, want to shout it from the corners to the mountain tops overjoyed that I, yes, I have finally, finally found a letterpress class and you've guessed it, that I signed up for with the hurried quickness of a giselle (they're pretty fast right?).
Suann of simplesong, sent me the wonderful email that she had posted workshops at her studio and I jumped right on it! So I'll be in class in June like a good student ready to learn. Hopefully I can take a few pictures to document my letterpress experience.

{photos courtesy of simplesong}

1 comment:

Leah McCormick said...

This is going to change your life forever! Amazingly addicting!! Next thing you know your garage will be converted into a letterpress station : )


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