Have a Lovely Weekend

I’m going to take this weekend to really, really, no honestly, really clean and purge my room. It def. looks like it should be dubbed a ‘Disaster Area’..Oh for shame!

But as Hampton the dog as my witness, I WILL dedicate my Saturday & Sunday with the sacred hope & sheer determination of returning my room back to the beautiful boudoir that it once was!

May each of you have a spectacular weekend, whether you’re cleaning the home, enjoying the wonderful warm weather, lounging around, or hanging out with family and/or friends. Make you sure your top priority is to enjoy yourself & soak up some good summer loving!

Necks Need Love Too...

"Simple charms - from golden hearts to cloisonné globes to full-bloom roses - glint from bare necklines".

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I would ♥ to add all three to my dainty necklace collection. Anyone out there want to make me happy? Perhaps as a Happy Birthday Princess or a Just Because gift..... If so you can find them here!

{Photos courtesy of Anthropologie}

Some Cutesie Swim/Ocean Wear...

Now that I'm all excited over my vacation which is due to happen in approx. 36 days, I really need to get a move on it and select a few swim/ocean wear pieces. I think that I really gravitate to Bandeau styled suits because you can wear them w/or w/out the straps so it's like a two for one deal!

Hmmm I'm also wondering if I can wear a few bracelets to coordinate w/ my suit in the water as well, only if they have a really good clasp of course & won't get washed away into the Atlantic Ocean...pondering the thought...

I'm kinda liking these darling beauts:

{Photos courtesy of J. Crew}

Summerly Swap...

It’s so nice to meet new blogger friends & it warms my heart dearly.

Dionne of City of Dionne was so sweet to leave a nice little comment on my page that I wanted to return the favor. When I went to her fantastic blog, I noticed that she’s hosting a Summerly Swap & I've signed up to join.

If you’re interested in participating in the Swap, leave her a comment but hurry because you only have until Midnight tonight!!!
I'm thinking that maybe I should jump in this wonderful bandwagon & host one of these during the upcoming Fall. I've heard about these swaps before and who doesn't like receiving great goodies in the mail!
{Photo courtesy of City of Dionne}

I've Been Waiting for this Moment...

The bottom line is: I haven’t been on a ‘real’ vacation in approx. five years & it kinda stinks like a diaper genie. Soooooo the gal pals and I are planning to hit the beautiful island of Turks & Caicos very soon..like July soon.

I’m so very excited for a number of reasons: 1. a vacation is needed and everyone should take one, 2. I ♥ being with my friends, 3. I’m ready to tan & look like a little chocolate bunny, & 4. we’re going to have so much fun & throw caution to the wind!!

July can’t come soon enough..yippee vacation here we come!
{Photo courtesy of New York Times}

Yellow Dandy...

I purchased this Rosette Fascinator a few months ago from Art Star Philly, & have yet to display it on my pretty little noggin but I think that now should be a great time to do it. Boy oh boy I can't wait, it will be so great, great, great, great, great, great {in the words of Prof. Klump}
Unfortunately it's sold out at Art Star Philly BUT the SPLENDIFERIOUSLY great news is that you can purchase it here! They have amazing colors to choose from as well so the only hard part is just deciding what color to purchase.
A rousing round of applause to Giant Dwarf!!!
{Photo courtesy of Giant Dwarf}

H Street Country Club...

"Think eclectic, urban and industrial – it’s casually sophisticated, irreverent and the only one of its kind", is how H Street Country Club is being described.
H Street Country Club is scheduled to have it's Grand Opening today so if you're in the Washington, DC area and you're looking for a little indoor golfing, pool, shuffleboard & skee-ball fun, this seems like the place to be & the best part is that membership is F-R-E-E. They also offer delectable sounding Mexican fare to suit your palette.
{Photo courtesy of H Street Country Club}

Thank You...

to the one {s} that are contributing to my endless vat of happiness! Happy thoughts, happy feelings, happy memories, happy experiences, & the list is limitless! Hugs & Kisses to you! {Photo courtesy of Anna Bond}

Happy Cupboard...

Don't you just ♥ things that make you smile? Well, this kitchen cupboard did that for me on this rainy/soggy & gloomy looking day! {Photo courtesy of Frillie Designs}

Things are Much Prettier in French...

{Font by Dia Calhoun}

J. Crew 'Behind the Design'...

It's so easy to get inspired by creative people, places and/or things, so when J.Crew decided to add their Behind the Design to their site {for our viewing/reading pleasure}, I couldn't help but be pleased as punch.
From vintage jewelry inspirations to American work wear from the 40s & 50s to animal prints, the BTD is a nice small read and an eyeball's delight.

{Photos courtesy of J. Crew}

Am I too Old...

to want to have a little tepee set up in my living room? Maybe I can just have it for a weekend & have flashbacks of such a fun childhood, this may do us adults some good!

{Photos via Home Sweet Home}

Have a Lovely Weekend...

As the long awaited ‘long’ weekend has finally come, be sure to enjoy it to the fullest. I’ll be doing some traveling over the course of the weekend seeing some of the great states that comprise our beloved US of A.
If time allots, I’ll peek in every now & again.
Until then.. Eat, Laugh & Be Merry!

{Photo courtesy of Kate Spade}

Arm & Hand Candy...

I NEED to get my little hands on both of these darlings ASAP or I may literally explode & that would cause an unnecessary mess!

{Photos courtesy of

*Update: So I purchased the larger Hydrangea bag and all I can truly say it that..I REALLY REALLY REALLY ♥ it. It's very roomy & magenta on this inside and the wooden handles are dreamy! A very good purchase and we shall be together forever.

Happy Surprise...

this morning I checked the mail and in it was a small cream colored envelope addressed to me. When I opened it, a fabric envelope was in it..inside the fabric envelope was a cream round cornered card that said:
"Celebrate! For your birthday, this little gift is for you and only you, & cannot be turned into chocolate, flowers or cash. This is a one time treat so bring this note & enjoy"
How wonderful I felt and a special thanks goes out to one of my favorite stores in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD..Anthropologie.
{Photo courtesy of Oh Happy Day}

Sea of Paper...

So today, I've actually got a lot of work to do....i'll be back later to post some things that I think are pretty & cool & pretty cool! In the meantime, have a wonderful work day!

Love Doodles...

are clearly the best & bring back middle/high school nostalgia!

Modern Motive has conjured up some wonderful doodily memories & what's even better is they can even make you your own custom doodles!!!

Hurry!! Place an order as fast as you can & give them to the one you love..How cute & darling!

Thought for Life...

Forgiveness is one the most important & life altering decisions that we make in our lives. Without forgiveness, it leads way for bitterness, unhappiness, stress induced health problems, sadness & missed opportunities etc.
Depending on the circumstances it can be easy or difficult to forgive but the circumstances shouldn't limit its overall importance.
Remember the numerous times our Father willingly decided to forgive us for every bad decision, mistake, impaired judgment call, etc. & He did it lovingly & without hesitation.
If needed today, let's practice forgiveness, it lifts such a heavy load off of your shoulders & brings you peace.

I Scream for ICE CREAM...

don't these flavors just wet your whistle?
*Salty Caramel
*Belgian Milk Chocolate
*Honey Vanilla Bean
*Pistachio & Ashland County Honey
*Bourbon Buttered Pecan

You can find these & more delectable, fanciful flavors here!

Happy Birthday....

to my beautiful, wonderfully awesome sister/friend DeMaris.

May you truly enjoy this day & so many more to come. You're a woman comprised of love, compassion, kindness, joy, gifts, forgiveness, enthusiasm, wisdom, encouragement & oodles more.

I'm pleased as punch that you're in my life & that our friendship has blossomed over the years & still continues to grow. There are great things that are due to continue to happen in your life & I'm so thrilled that I may literally pop!!!

Enjoy your day..celebrate, rejoice, be thankful, smile, laugh & eat all the chocolate cake that you want, but please don't barf..barfing on your birthday is a real downer, ha ha

I love you and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Dining On...

these would be so cute & a def. conversation starter!!!

I think my personal favorite of the two would be the nice framed one. It seems like it would make your meal..photographable!

The wonderful things that people create still gives me joy!

{Photos courtesy of Burke Decor}

Summer Loving...

Wonderful finding on Daily Candy Travel. They have so wonderfully located & compiled listing of places to visit in the good ol' US of A. It's so timely for the summer & for those persons who have tons of vacation time accrued on their jobs. hmmm it would be great to do a small little cross country tour & hit all the places they recommend.

Oh goodness, I just got filled with joy at the possibility!!! Welp, all I need is an RV & a few friends so we can hit the open road!

This is on my mind...

{Photo courtesy of Kate Neckel}

Ready for an Outdoor...

little picnic equipped with a few of the following available here!

Paper Napkins have more Uses...

I would love to use this paper napkin invitation idea for my upcoming June birthday. The invites were individually handwritten/drawn by Bryn, the only thing is I can't draw but perhaps my friends who can, would be more than willing to do it for me. This is such a lovely, resourceful idea!

{Photos courtesy of
Paper Tastebuds and 100 Layercake}

Orange they Lovely...

With the warm weather approaching & the desire to wear tons of toenail polish this spring/summer, I think this dandy of a shoe will be nothing short of a lovely choice.
*Update: I ordered these originally in a 7 1/2 & they looked really large, I re-ordered a 7 & they fit wonderfully, very comfortable and so darling..good choice!
{Photo courtesy of Piper Lime}

Love is a Many Splendid Thing...

Today I came across this wonderful find appropriately named The Love Shop.

The prints are delightful & warm the heart. This was sooo timely!

{Photos courtesy of The Love Shop}

Have a Lovely Weekend...

May you enjoy this lovely weekend. Smile be happy & enjoy yourself.
While in Phoenix, I'll enjoy the city & its warmth, love myself another day & exercise a random act of kindess!
{Photo courtesy of Kate Spade}

Honesty is the Best Policy...

Because mother always told us that "Honest is the Best Policy", here are some funny yet sincere honesty stamps. They'll be sure to make your mum proud!

{Photos courtesy of Dominic Wilcox}

Showstoppers Live in Phoenix...

I just want to say that I had a wonderful time at Showstoppers Live. Needless to say I screamed myself into oblivion & took photos with Elvis, Tina Turner & the Four Tops. I woke up this morning with a sore throat but a content heart.
Photos soon to come..

Happy 30th Birthday...

Today is my wonderful dear friend's 30th birthday!!!!

"First Lady Flowers" may you enjoy this day and many many many more to come. You've been a sweet friend, woman of God, beautiful example of a mother and a wife! May each of your girlfriends enhance your life like you've enhanced ours!!!

Love you oodles & celebrate like crazy {the good kind of course}!!!!!!
{Photo courtesy of Miette}


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