Everyone Likes Something...

I have to admit it that I do like animal print. I’m drawn to it for some reason.

It’s on my shoes, luggage, clothing, jewelry, pillows and the list indeed goes on and on.
However, I must say I’m not a walking leopard, cheetah, or any other printed animal. I’d categorize myself as having “a tasteful love and appreciation for our printed furry friends.” Now the only thing that I have to mindful of is that when I’m in my Golden Twilight years, that I will not allow myself to be covered head to toe in prints, although my current nickname to my dear dear friends is none other than, you’ve guessed it, “Print.”

Yesterday my co-worker said, I have something for you and I’m going to bring it to work tomorrow. When she gave it to me this morning I couldn’t help but bowl over in laughter. It’s a sweet yet comical gift and I think that I’m going to use it as a reminder when I do reach those Golden Twilight years.

Thanks Erica.

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