Yum Yum to my Tum Tum...

If you haven’t noticed at this juncture, I love to eat and cook. I’m so amazed at the number of cookbooks, cooking websites and blogs and recipes that there are in this beautiful land of ours. The other weekend some of my gal pals and I were watching this marathon on the Food Network and I’m telling you, every segment made our mouths water and our hearts beat with glee at the site of numerous tasty dishes, one after another.

There is one site that I like to visit called The Pioneer Woman as it’s a joy to the eyes and stomach! Not only is it chock full of delicious treats and recipes, but it’s clearly a melting pot of just good things. I tried the recipe she provided for making Cheese Muffins last year for Thanksgiving, and my family members were clamoring for more! I tweaked the recipe a little bit and added a dollop of sour cream to the mixture and voila be still my beating heart.

Check out Pioneer Woman for more fantastic recipes. My next venture is to conquer her "The Best Lasagna Ever" and I have a feeling that it's truly going to be the BEST lasagna ever!

{photos courtesy of The Pioneer Woman}

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