Have a Lovely Weekend...

As this work week comes to a close, I have a massive under taking to attend to this weekend: CLOSET CLEANING! My closet has been looking like doom lives in it for months now and it's very much unbearable. So I have determined that this weekend will be THEE weekend that I yank back control and restore order! Hear Hear!

So as you execute your plans for the weekend, prayerfully by Monday I will be singing a slightly more wonderful, relaxed and organized tune because my closet will indeed be cleaned!

As always, have a lovely weekend!
*Update: Mission Closet Cleaning was succesful to say the least! I was thoroughly surprised at how many things I’ve thrown, stuffed and smashed into my little sliver of closet space. Now I can actually see the walls and the floor and I’m indeed pleased as punch. The next item on my list is to wallpaper and organize and pledge for it never to look horrible AGAIN!

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