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A few weeks ago, I was able to attend BlogShop (mentioned here), so today when I went to Bri's website (Design Love Fest), I almost passed out when I spotted my french braid and braces front and center!!

My interest in BlogShop was to be able to learn some tools and even snazzy tricks to help spruce things up here on PTD and even future projects that may come along. I really feel that what they were marketing would be a great asset and I was ready to learn.

Presidential Election 2012...


Voting makes a difference and America has def. made a difference! Congratulations President Barack Obama for another term in office as the Leader|President of the United States. Today marks another milestone and achievement in history. Not only for African Americans but for ALL Americans.

Sometimes it's difficult and challenging to lead people but once you've demonstrated that you have the welfare of the people as a priority, the backing of the people in which you lead, the determination that we can accomplish much together, have a clear vision and the heart of the people, anything is possible. 

Let's continue to keep our elected officials covered in prayer and that they will lead with wisdom not arrogance nor pride. May they be surrounded by those who share the same vision and good intentions. May their words be out into action and may America continue to strive to become a better country. 

Let's also continue to Move Forward!


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This has been a memorable week to say the least but I’m thankful that I’m alive and well to see the ending of it.

My heart and most of all my prayers have gone out for all of those affected by Storm Sandy. Thankfully my family and I, though prepared for the worst case scenario, were extremely blessed that our home|neighborhood didn’t suffer any damage.
I’m thankful that we were covered by God’s grace but we’re also believing in Faith that others who were impacted will be able to recover, regain and rebuild. Hoping that they will be strengthened, comforted and even hopeful. Sometimes “loss” of any kind is difficult to embrace and even if we don’t immediately understand why, God does all things well.

It’s been amazing to see that people are still kind, generous and loving one to another. From photos on the news and in the media I’ve seen neighbors and even strangers helping each other and it truly does warm the heart.

In our lives we’re often called to be selfless and to think of others and often times that’s exhibited in times of need, tragedy and even despair. This got me to thinking that in all the things that we do, we should do them with the intention
spirit of love and not “wait” to act. Small acts of kindness to great acts of kindness creates a whollop of an effect.

I’m hoping that you have a Lovely Weekend. Take the time to put the needs or desires of others first, make your actions intentional and soaked in LOVE.

STYLE | Animal Instinct...

Who doesn't like a little bit or grr, roar, and/or meow in their closet? Well not real animals but lots and tons of animals prints from sublte to in your face. I'm a print lover so I wouldn't mind adding any of these pieces to my collection.

What are some of your closet "must haves?"



As you may or may not know, I'm a Natural Haired gal and have been for approximately six years. In the past few years, more and more females are proudly|boldly making a transition to not use chemicals in their hair (perms/relaxers), but rather wear their natural crowns. My journey ahs been fun and frustrating at times but I can def. say that I LOVE my hair and the time and effort that I put in it to make sure that it remains healthy both inside and out. With an emhasis on natural hair and realizing the importance of taking care of our total bodies, what we put in our hair is just as important as what we put on our bodies. So to have a salon that captures both ideals is absolutely fantastic! 

A few years ago I ran across this video. I think the most appealing thing to me that I took away from the video was the salon, Georgia NY. So I made a mental note that when I decided to take a NY trip, I would try to book an appointment and go. Well trips have been made, and passed and I soemhow managed to forget about the salon, until today. Sitting at my computer I kept saying what's the name of that salon that I saw a video about, I liked the site and the blog and shoot what is the name of it? Sad right? Well today I remembered and I still plan on making a trip there and possibly soon.

What seems so great about this salon is that it not only caters to natural hair clients but it's also filled with a wonderful natural product lines. Jodie Patterson and her team took the time to create a space that works with your hair/life/beauty needs in a way that's inviting, creative and unique. I honestly can't wait to go.

Also, be sure to take a peep at GeorgiaWorld. I see a few faces of bloggers that I simply enjoy. It's chock full of good information from a variety of sources :)

Have a Lovely Weekend...

Such words have never been more true, It's your life, what are you going to do with it?

I'm welcoming this upcoming weekend with arms wide open to say the least! This week has been long and my days have been all mixed up. I'm looking forward to "playing things by ear" and seeing what awesome things may pop up. I tackled the challenge of purging items, clothes etc this week, that I mentioned a few weeks ago, and I have to give myself a small pat on the back and circular handclap because I've completed that task! This weekend it's my goal to take them to Goodwill where they can get some further good use.

I also managed to do a little bit of redecorating and I'm trying to decide if I want to repaint my bedroom and/or bathroom..hmmm we shall see as the verdict is still out.  
Tonight I'll be hanging out with a few friends and enjoying that which is Friday and the start of a wonderful weekend.

What are your plans? Whatever they are, as always may you Have a Lovely Weekend!

FOOD | Spinach "Quiche"...

Spinach Quiche|PTD
When I was growing up my love for vegetables were pretty much limited. I only really liked broccoli, green beans, greens, mushrooms and spinach, that means NO to corn, lima beans, peas, cooked carrots etc. But as I've gotten older, my taste buds have allowed me to like a few more. 

One of the recipes that I can vividly recall my mother making that I absolutely love until this day that incorporates one of my favorite veggies is our version of a Spinach Quiche. Quiche is primarily an open-faced pastry filled with savory ingredients like meats, cheeses and vegetables. So think of an open faced pie!

I decided to make a Spinach Quiche the other night because I knew that it would be something pretty easy to make and didn't require a lot of time to prepare and cook. So off to the market I went and once home, I began to cook. 

There are tons of recipes on the Internet but here is my version below: 

Spinach Quiche 
(note: I'm a cook that rarely uses measurements, I use the eyeball and season to taste method)

1 bag of frozen spinach
1 16 oz. bag of sharp cheddar cheese
1 turkey sausage (Eckridge)
2 frozen deep dish pie crusts 
3 eggs
approx. 8 bella mushrooms
seasonings of your liking

Pre-heat oven to 350-375 depending on your oven

Slice sausage into bite sized pieces and brown in skillet, once browned, place in a bowl on the side.

Slice mushroom mushrooms, place in skillet and saute, once done place in a bowl on the side. 

Cook spinach for a few minutes (approximately 7-10 minutes), drain and place in a large mixing bowl and season (some of my "go to" spices include: lemon pepper, sea salt, garlic and smoked paprika, so add whatever seasonings you like). Be mindful to not add too much salt as the sausage has a fairly good amount of sodium, so easy does it.  

Combine spinach, sausage, cheese and mushrooms in the mixing bowl and fold in three eggs (just crack open right into your mixture). Once combined pour mixture into your frozen pie crusts (follow the instructions on your pie crusts, some instruct you to place in the oven prior to adding your mixture to brown a little I purchased Mrs. Smiths Deep Dish Frozen Pie Crusts and it called for me to keep the pies frozen and then add the mixture. 

Once your pie crusts are filled, add some aluminum foil along the edges of the pie to ensure that they don't get too browned or burned prior to the entire quiche being done. 

Place pies into the oven for about 25-30 minutes. Turn off the oven and remove the foil from the edges. Allow the quiches to cool for about five minutes, slice and enjoy!

Spinach Quiche|PTD


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