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A few weeks ago, I was able to attend BlogShop (mentioned here), so today when I went to Bri's website (Design Love Fest), I almost passed out when I spotted my french braid and braces front and center!!

My interest in BlogShop was to be able to learn some tools and even snazzy tricks to help spruce things up here on PTD and even future projects that may come along. I really feel that what they were marketing would be a great asset and I was ready to learn.

The weekend started off with wonderful weather but slowly morphed into gray skies, a pick up in wind, minute by minute weather reports, ultimately cancelled flights and our West Coast teachers being faced with trying their best to get home. The ENTIRE class, along with their interns, put Photoshop on hold for a few and feverishly rallied together to make sure that they got home safely and not three days later as travel sites were reporting.

In the end, Angela and Bri made it back to California safe and sound and prayerfully not traumatized, but not before teaching their hinney's off, encouraging us to be creative, to use/trust our own voice and instincts, to have fun and stuffing us full of Photoshop tools! I'm really pleased as punch that I was able to go and walk away a little Photoshop graduate!

Here is a little animated gif that I learned how to make in class showcasing my happy little PTD Party. How you like me now?! P.S. my hair was a bit frazzled and askew but it was all in a day's work!

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