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This has been a memorable week to say the least but I’m thankful that I’m alive and well to see the ending of it.

My heart and most of all my prayers have gone out for all of those affected by Storm Sandy. Thankfully my family and I, though prepared for the worst case scenario, were extremely blessed that our home|neighborhood didn’t suffer any damage.
I’m thankful that we were covered by God’s grace but we’re also believing in Faith that others who were impacted will be able to recover, regain and rebuild. Hoping that they will be strengthened, comforted and even hopeful. Sometimes “loss” of any kind is difficult to embrace and even if we don’t immediately understand why, God does all things well.

It’s been amazing to see that people are still kind, generous and loving one to another. From photos on the news and in the media I’ve seen neighbors and even strangers helping each other and it truly does warm the heart.

In our lives we’re often called to be selfless and to think of others and often times that’s exhibited in times of need, tragedy and even despair. This got me to thinking that in all the things that we do, we should do them with the intention
spirit of love and not “wait” to act. Small acts of kindness to great acts of kindness creates a whollop of an effect.

I’m hoping that you have a Lovely Weekend. Take the time to put the needs or desires of others first, make your actions intentional and soaked in LOVE.

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