So every now and again, I get the urge to spruce things up if you will. Be it in my home, my car (yep even the car gets some TLC), work space, etc. It's good to bring a little bit of change into your space whatever it may be.

For the loooooongest time, I've been wanting, longing, desiring to take a FUN Photoshop course (FUN FUN, FUN as in not boring, and not taking a course that I'd rather watch paint dry than actually take), 1. so I can learn something new, 2. try to apply what I've learned to small projects that I work on, and  3. FINALLY learn how to spiff up some of my blog posts by adding a little razzle dazzle to PTD!

So in my search I heard about a LA based PhotoShop course, BLOGSHOP taught by Bri Emery of designlovefest and Photographer Angela Kohler of Angela & Ithyle and let's just say my interest was more than peeked. What's so wonderful about the both of them and what I've seen about BLOGSHOP is that Bri and Angela make the course, fun, def. interactive and you come away with good info. Every review that I've seen about the course has been STELLAR! BLOGSHOP is billed as a "Photoshop bootcamp minus the push ups". I'm looking forward to learning how to utilize the program and bring some pizazzaz to my blog.
When I say that I am MORE THAN pleased as punch, tinkled pink, on cloud nine that BLOGSHOP is FINALLY coming to DC and that I'm sigining my little brown self right on up, I could literally shout it in the streets while tossing up party confetti and twirling around like there's no tomorrow! I've waitied for over a year and even emailed them that they needed to bring this workshop to our Nation's Capital and voila here they are (well here they come)!
I simply CANNOT WAIT! Check out the video below:
                                        What is BLOSHOP? from Bri Emery on Vimeo.

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