As you may or may not know, I'm a Natural Haired gal and have been for approximately six years. In the past few years, more and more females are proudly|boldly making a transition to not use chemicals in their hair (perms/relaxers), but rather wear their natural crowns. My journey ahs been fun and frustrating at times but I can def. say that I LOVE my hair and the time and effort that I put in it to make sure that it remains healthy both inside and out. With an emhasis on natural hair and realizing the importance of taking care of our total bodies, what we put in our hair is just as important as what we put on our bodies. So to have a salon that captures both ideals is absolutely fantastic! 

A few years ago I ran across this video. I think the most appealing thing to me that I took away from the video was the salon, Georgia NY. So I made a mental note that when I decided to take a NY trip, I would try to book an appointment and go. Well trips have been made, and passed and I soemhow managed to forget about the salon, until today. Sitting at my computer I kept saying what's the name of that salon that I saw a video about, I liked the site and the blog and shoot what is the name of it? Sad right? Well today I remembered and I still plan on making a trip there and possibly soon.

What seems so great about this salon is that it not only caters to natural hair clients but it's also filled with a wonderful natural product lines. Jodie Patterson and her team took the time to create a space that works with your hair/life/beauty needs in a way that's inviting, creative and unique. I honestly can't wait to go.

Also, be sure to take a peep at GeorgiaWorld. I see a few faces of bloggers that I simply enjoy. It's chock full of good information from a variety of sources :)

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