Have a Lovely Weekend...

IT"S FRRRIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! My Friday was off to a slow start considering that I didn't get much sleep (a mere 4 hours), but it was pepped up when my good friend Sonia decided to meet me to have lunch. We decided to go the Food Truck route and had great tasty vittles from Goodes Mobile Kitchen. I had the Jerk Shrimp, Rice and Plantains & Sonia opted for the Jerk Salmon, Cabbage & Plantains. Let me tell you a little something...that was some gooooood eating!
This weekend should make for a busy yet pleasant one. My grandmother is heading into town tomorrow from the Windy City so our little household is excited and buzzing! I have a jam packed Saturday but I'm looking forward to it!
I'm not sure what it's been about this week but I have been off by one day, maybe it's been the fact that I know that my grandmother was coming in and I couldn't wait for the weekend to arrive or it could be that I've been a bit sleep deprived and I just couldn't get it together, either way the weekend is here!
It's great having family in town and being a little hostess which means that I can try to persuade my guest to try a few restaurants with me and take in this "wonderfully summer sauna" like weather.
Whatever your plans for this weekend, be sure to have a great time, enjoy the ones you're with., make it memorable & worth telling stories about.

Have a Lovely Weekend!

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Sonia Sets Off said...

The salmon, plantains, and rice was great! I may have to follow that truck around. My weekend started off great spending with you and your pin curls! Love you girlie. Have a great weekend!


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