Have a Lovely Weekend...

Glasses and Curls

The weekend is almost here just a mere few hours away! Thank goodness and the heavens above. I'm looking forward to enjoying myself, be it finding or stumbling upon some fantastic thrift stores, eating at some tummy expanding/food coma inducing food festivals, enjoying warm weather with a cool breeze (something that the Mid-west is giving me unlike the hot humidity of home and just a good old fashioned good time.

This week has been filled with packing, hair maintenance, dog grooming (and pep talk about being a good doggie while Mommy is away), two PTD projects, house cleaning and just some mental preparation for my travel. 

Somehow unbeknowst to me, my Summer has practically passed by me without me taking a Summer vacation, but thank the Heavens above that I will have some semblance of a vacation towards the end of this month as I head to the beaches of Miami to help celebrate another friend's upcoming nuptials with a little girl fun Bachlorette Party style. I tell you this year has been chock full of non stop action, between work travel, Bridal Showers, Weddings, a Family Reunion and some other things peppered here and there, this year has been zooming and awesome. I'm thankful that I can say wonderful things have been taking place for myself and for others so I can't see what the rest of the year has in store.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend, be it cramming tons of things to do during your last month of Summer, trying something new, relaxing, spending time with family, friends and/or your special someone, have fun and make it memorable. 

Have a Lovely Weekend! 

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