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Lianne La Havas
The other day while perusing Concrete Loop, they mentioned an artist that I've never heard of before so of course, I decided to take a listen to one of her songs...heavenly sigh...let's just say that I've found yet another artist whose music I absolutely LOVE.

British artist, Lianne La Havas is categorically amazing! Her voice is distinctive and evokes a sultry, raspy and  heartfelt appeal amongst other things. She also plays a number of instruments, so singer AND musician, hot dang! She's another artist that just pulls you into what she's singing and gives your emotions permission to express themselves when you listen to songs in which you can relate. I cannot wait for her album "Is Your Love Big Enough" to hit the U.S. (iTunes)

In the meantime, I've listened to her daily to my heart's content via Youtube. Be sure to check her out and add her to your music collection, once the album becomes available, you'll be so GLAD that you did!


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