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Photos courtesy of PTD

A few weeks ago my mother and I headed to Bayou Bakery after Sunday after church and it was wonderful. I opted for the Sausage Biscuit and Hibiscus Tea (cold)..yum yum yum. It was my second time going and it didn't disappoint. Bayou Bakery has a New Orleans flair to it and reminded me of the city when I visited a few months ago. One of the many things that I love about New Orleans is the food, upon food, upon food that you feel compelled to eat, so Bayou Bakery was a nice bit of Louisiana on a Sunday morning.

Also, if you head there you MUST try the New Orleans Sno-Ball which has been described on their website as follows: "These ain’t your ordinary snow cones, with layers of thinly shaved ice, just like fallen snow, generous pours of perfectly sweetened syrups, and best of all, the final streak of Condensed Milk that has you reaching for a spoon and straw to get every last drop". (I had one on my first visit and let me just say...HUBBA HUBBA.

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