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Baked Tofu & Rice Medley (Trader Joes)
When I finally get home after work, I'm pooped from the day and the commute, so often times when I think about dinner, I want something that doesn't require a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare a meal.

Tonight happened to be one of those times when I needed food quickly, so after a quick trip to Trader Joes, I decided to create a dish with their Organic Baked Tofu (Savory) and Rice Medley (Brown Rice, Red Rice and Black Barley). 

Side Note: For some reason tofu gets a bad wrap for not tasting like much of anything but if you get "flavored" tofu, it'll give you a burst of tofu flavory goodness. I personally like baked tofu because it has a firmer texture so it holds up a bit better when I cook it and I always get one with a flavor (savory or lemon pepper)

Once I opened the Tofu, I cut it into small cubes, placed in a skillet, drizzled a little grapeseed oil and browned until it was a bit golden (about 3-5 minutes). The Rice Medley only takes three minutes in the microwave and voila, steaming hot rice. I decided to add a slice of lime to the dish so it can add a little umph and pizzaz to my meal. 

Overall dinner was light, seasoned yet filling and a quick dish that I can keep in my cooking back pocket. 

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