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As I become older I’ve been trying to be a bit more mindful of what I eat, how much rest I get, getting my daily vitamin supplements etc. Often times I realize that one week I’m doing great but the next I forget to take my vitamins, eat whatever I want, sleep less than 8 hous per night and the list goes on and on and on.

I can proudly say that I am one of those gals that loves body products or as I call them "Smell Goods". I have body butters, oils (which has become my preference), lotions, body sprays, perfumes but it doesn't mean diddly squat if my skin isn't happy and/or healthy.

After reading and earmarking numerous magazine articles, blog posts etc. I found myself truly wanting to do better and become more consistent with maintaining good health and developing even better habits that will help me achieve a properly functioning internal system and beautiful, healthy skin and hair. An in order to ahieve this, you have to start with what goes INTO our bodies. So how can you try to achieve Happy & Healthy skin, you ask, Try: Wheat Germ, Flaxseed and Cod Liver Oil.

“About 2 tablespoons of Wheat Germ contains 20 % of your daily allowance of Folic Acid & Vitamin E [Vitamin E helps to protect your skin cells against UV radiation from the sun, and also protects cell membranes], and two tablespoons of Flax Seeds is the equivalent of eating about 25-30 cups of Broccoli. Flax Seeds contain a high amount of Omega 3 & Omega 6 Fatty Acids (Cod Liver Oil) which are essential in the role of maintaining healthy skin/hair as well as preventing and/or clearing up skin disorders such as Acne, Psoriasis, and Eczema. Flax Seeds also help keep your pores open, thus preventing the build-up of sebum, that nasty little culprit behind Acne. Fatty acids also help your skin to remain soft, supple, and smooth, and it also regulates what goes in and out of your skin cells. In other words, they allow nutrients and water in, and keep toxins out". (Quoted from The Moptop Maven) Well hallelujah, this is good news right?!

The only rememberances I have regarding Cod Liver Oil is being made to take a HUGE silver spoonful of it by my grandmother and/or mother so that I wouldn’t get sick and the smell and taste are all too real. Even though I didn’t have a choice as a child as to whether or not I wanted to take it, now that I'm an adult and make my own choices, all the while understanding that there are a few more benefits of taking it I maturely choose YES! My favorite brand of choice is Carlson Labs (Lemon Flavor). Though it may be psychological, I really believe that the slight lemon taste helps me out significantly and holds back flashbacks of my youth.
Though I haven't tried Wheat Germ, I have purchased Ground Flaxseed and in the past I’ve tried to sprinkle it into my yogurt but that didn’t fair too well so taking a tablespoon or two of the oil daily faired better for me. My favorite brand is Barleans. Be sure to keep it refrigerated and shake very well before you take it. Flax Oil has a very strong nutty taste so I usually try to drink a bit of juice before and after the spoonful so I won't really taste it.

So now that we're armed with a bit more knowledge, let's all try to do a wee bit better so that we feel better and look better and let's aim to be consistent, hear hear!


Bre said...

I fall into this trap too. I WANT to do better but then I just also want to sit and watch tv. These sound like simple, EASY solutions.

Prin said...

Hey Breonna,
thanks for your comment! It's so easy to get distracted right!? Let's do better:)


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