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Margaret Bowland "Flower Girl"

I love what I call my "Friend Cornucopia", it's a treasure trove of beautifully talented creatives, academics, musicians, artists, parents, free spirits, fashion aficionados, poets, executives and the list is truly endless.

One of my Corni's is my fellow Hamptonian/sister/friend Tam Sease (hey Tamsie). Today on Instagram, she tagged me in a post, from her site, Nora Rose, entitled Tragedies in Target. Please be sure to read her entry as it talks about the negative images of Black Women being portrayed in media (mainly reality show outlets)/society vs. the positive media images that have been portrayed in times past (Clare Huxtable, Whitley Gilbert, Vivien Banks, etc.) and the fact that our young women don't seem to have enough positive images to look up to, become, emulate or to even create their own positive image.

Being an 80s baby, I can def attest to the fact that times are extremely different from when I was growing up compared to now, from simple courtesies and etiquette of young people, entertainment/music/tv programming to the galvanizing of people for passionate causes/beliefs  and though I do enjoy some "reality TV shows", I would agree that our youth/young women and men need more people, causes and passions that will spark their intellect and fuel their desires to do more and not simple rely soley on what is projected in videos/tv shows etc.

I think Tam's article not only allows us to look at our youth and the impact that society has on them, but also to question what we're doing to set good examples, be encouraging, challenging and even push them to regard themselves highly and create a better society for themselves and those that come after them.

{Thank you Tam for including me/PTD in your post, let's hope that we can continue to shine brightly!!}

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