Another Year...

The Earthly Life Giver (Mom) & I

I’m so glad that I can say that I had a wonderful, fantastic birthday weekend! From bountiful well wishes, to fun gifts & spending time with my family & friends, and good eats, it was amazing & I'm so thankful to celebrate and enjoy another year of life. Often times I think that I get comfortable or secure in the fact that I will see another day and may not take advantage of what each day has to offer.
Yesterday a friend of mine lost a loved one and although he was older and was blessed beyond measure to experience a wonderful life, love and family, it makes me even more thankful of the life that I’m presently living and praying that I’ll continue to live. I pray that I surround myself with enjoying this one life that God has given me, that I'm determined to reach my present goals, and even accomplish/surpass the ones I plan in the future. I’m looking forward to older age & reminiscing about my youth and the awesome time that I had, looking back on past disappointments that I’ve learned from, loves experienced & the love that remained. Saying thank you for the gifts/talents that were bestowed upon me from God and putting them to use instead of keeping them to myself. To letting myself know that despite how I feel, how I’ve felt, what was done, what I would like done over & what still needs to be..that I'll continue being me and the beautiful person that God has designed me to be. We do only live once, and through this life we ought to live it to the fullest with no regrets, creating legacies and being fulfilled.
Here’s to another year and prayerfully many many more to come, to celebrate, to love & to enjoy!!

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