Have a Lovely Weekend...


This week didn't exactly go as initially planned as it pertained to doing something birthday related and fun each day, so I've decided to celebrate ALL MONTH LONG (no one who knows me should truly be surprised). I think that's a great "consolation prize" to this week. Each day I've just been beyond pooped! Yesterday my job volunteered to do a Community Beautification activity and we planted a vegetable garden, planted flowers, painted, mulched, cleaned and really made a wonderful collaborative effort with one of our Network organizations. Once the day came to a close, I think that it was evident that each of us were glad we volunteered and felt that  it was completely fulfilling to make a difference even if small in our community!
This week I did manage to head to Madewell in Georgetown for a small event party that DC Scout hosted in celebration of their 4th Year Anniversary! Unfortunately, I left my cell phone in the office so I wasn't able to capture any of the clothes, people or even the set up (bummer). I did however, get to munch on cupcakes, sip a little champagne, get a super gift bag and peruse through Madewell's good finds, so all in all I was pleased as punch!
As for the plans for my weekend and my BIG day (tomorrow) go, I've decided that dressing up (yep, heels, dresses etc. the whole nine and 10 yard) for a small Girls Night Out Movie outing would be great, so we're going to see Hysteria (which looks like it's a perfect Girls Night Out Movie and hilarious) and afterwards dine on sushi and recap on the movie, the goodness of life, love and careers. Later this month, I plan on doing a New York Day Trip with a few friends and checking out a restaurant that has peaked my interest for quite some time (more about that once we get closer to the trip)!
Whatever your plans are for the weekend, may it be enjoyable, memorable and beautiful! Take time to enjoy yourself and others.

Be thankful and Have a Lovely Weekend!

{photo courtesy of Sparkles and Pretending via Pinterest}

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