Have a Lovely Weekend...

  Well another Friday is upon us and the prospect of a fantastic week awaits! I had a pretty nice week filled with great people, getting tons of work done & eating good food (even though it took an hour to get it) & enjoying a great movie. Much tender loving care is needed at on the home front this weekend so in between laundry, grocery shopping, planning meals for the week and working on another batch of PT Darling earrings*, it should be a smooth sailing weekend.

*If you've perused the site a bit, you may have noticed a Shop PT Button/link on the left hand side. Of course it looks cute on the side but it would be even better to have something to look at once you click it. It's my goal to fill the shop with a few of my handmade items ranging from Party Hats, Small Stationary and some Jewelry! I'm pretty excited, gobsmacked, hype, nervous and pleased as punch with the ideas that I have running around in my head and through my hands and prayerfully things go as planned (God's and a little bit of mine, ha ha)!!!

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, may it be fun, memorable, exciting and adventurous!

Have a Lovely Weekend...

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