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This morning I received my daily email a la Daily Candy, and not to say that all of their emails stick in my head (ok ok sometimes they do and sometimes they don't), but today's little gift was wonderful! They featured an online design company, I ♥ Design by Avenue that pretty much does the interior design work for you! I quickly went to their site and not only is this a fabulous idea (helping people design, furnish and decorate their space), but the name is so darling.

The process is that you send them photos of your space (be it, bedroom, office, kitchen, etc.) and some measurements and they in turn (for a reasonable fee of $3.50 per square foot..is that a lot?) give you illustrations of what they can do! Of course they do more so you should really really, no I mean really really check them out. Plus their website is seriously peachy keen!

They have a bevy of styles to choose from, however, I think my design style is more or less, give or take, roundabout Rue Claudel: a bicycle with a basket is the only way to arrive at Rue Claudel (i like pretty bicycles!). It is the best of the French Provincial style (I ♥ Paris!): Elegant European design made warm and welcoming by neutral materials (I love warm and neutral colors!). Delicately carved settee (I've been wanting one of these!) is brought down to earth by lived-in linen and a neutral maple wood finish. Add to that some patinaed metals, woven chair seats, honed limestone and the scene is fit for the countryside! If you like Wisteria, vouz aimerez Rue Claudel. Oh how do they know my style so well? It's like they are my best friends!!
Oh Daily Candy, you really outdid yourself today with this great find. Thanks for sharing it/them with the world!
{found via Daily Candy photo courtesy of I ♥ Design by Avenue}

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