Know it All's and Hearts...

While reading June's edition of Real Simple, I spotted some fantastic pencils, dubbed as Know it All pencils. They are just the darndest little things. They have little facts on them to you know, help you know it all (not really but they seem fun to have). I think that out of the collection of know it all pencils, the Chef's pencils may be my favorite! A rousing round of applause to Paper Pastries for such a marvel idea!

Also, while browsing their etsy shop, my eyes gravitated to a little card, that says I left my ♥ in Brooklyn, but you can actually customize any city that you like. Although I haven't been yet, I'm thinking that perhaps I should get a card that reads I left my heart in Paris...a piece of it is over there I tell really is. I'll see you one day my fair city, one day!

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