Yogen Fruz is Dandy!

What do you do when you've been walking around the mall and you're feeling that if you don't leave the least you can do is calm your raging belly and sweet talk your palette. Well that's what myself, two friends and a baby did Sunday afternoon. After countless hours perusing the mall for a friend's Easter outfit, I kept complaining that I was going to pass out from starvation, we decided to check out the new Frozen Yogurt place in the mall.

YogenFruz! According to their site, they offer "delicious and nutricious" frozen yogurt treats. They have three categories:

Blend It {frozen yogurt and you can mix it with your favorite frozen fruit}
Top It {frozen yougurt and you can top it with fresh fruit & all kinds of fixings}
Smoothie{frozen yogurt or sorbet w/fresh fruit & fruit juice}

I chose the Blend It and my flavors were Mango & Peach and it was DIVINE! It wasn't overly sweet and reminded me a little of a nice creamy cheesecake but of the healthy variety of course!!

The ladies loved their creations and it silenced my "complaining". Go YOFRU!!!

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Anonymous said...

YAAAAY! Fruz!!! So yummy..... We must try them again... :)


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