Not so Secret anymore

I'm an avid book reader and I love all things girly so I was pleased as punch when I came across a charmingly & pink clad book at my local Target.

Dietician/Nutritionist Esther Blum candidly & informatively compiled a book for lovely ladies which spans a gamut of topics in this little beaut entitled: Secrets of Gorgeous: Hundreds of Ways to Live Well While Living It Up!

It's been such a good read that I've either gotten it as a gift for my gals pals or recommended that they daintily run to the store and pick it up. The topics covered include: beauty/body care, healthy eating & exercise, recipes for sweet treats & other need to knows.

There are numerous tips and tools that can be taken from this book & it's written in a way that honestly you just don't want to put it down. It's a great read for single & married ladies & really encourages you to treat yourself well. God has given us one life to live soooooooooooo let's live it WELL!

{Photo courtesy of Amazon }

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Anonymous said...

Thanks girl for this...I skimmed through it the other day, and its great!!! luv ya... :)


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