Mrs. Meyer's to the Rescue

I absolutely LOVE smell goods and housing products that smell good and clean great can be squeezed into this category as well.

I was at one of my bargain stores and saw this little cute bottle that housed one of the most fantastic smells I've sniffed in a long time. The smell was crisp, refreshingly minty w/ a hint of sweet.

Well I'm sure curious minds want to know what I stumbled upon and it was {drum roll please}......I've fallen in love with a minty fellow and his name is Peppermint! Mrs. Meyers Holiday Kit in Peppermint that is {cymbals crashing}. The kit includes Counter Spray/Window Spray/Dish Soap & All Purpose Cleaner. If you don't see it on the site, visit here
Mrs. Meyers prides herself with natural, non-harsh & "aromatheraputic cleaners" and gives your home/room one singular fragrance.

I've used a few of her other product scents {Geranium, Lavender, Lemon Verbena & Baby Blossom} but it's safe to say that I think that Peppermint has become my new favorite.

It cleans well and is even great for spaces that your little doggies may travel. {it's safe to be used around pets but use sparingly} !

Enjoy & Happy Cleaning!

{Photo courtesy of drugstore}

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