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Solange is one of the celebrities that makes me happy! Her fashion sense I think often times comes to the forefront a little bit more when people talk about her and honestly I love her ideal of dressing the way she likes (that's my ideal that I made up for her, ha ha). To me she treats fashion as something that she be fun, creative and what makes you feel good. With that being said, she's not only a great fashion source but she makes pretty darn good music that I think is reflective of her style. 

She's released a music video for her song, "Losing You". The video was shot in Cape Town, Africa so it showcases tons of style, bits of the towns and just people (friends I suppose) having a great time together. The lyrics suggest that she's dealing with the pesky and unhappy notion that the one she loves, doesn't feel the same for her any longer, but its great to know that she's surrounded by friends who help put her mind at ease. Always present through the good and not so good but rather stinky times. That's what friends are for right!

Check out the video!

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