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I’ll be honest and admit I’m not really one to exercise, like carving out time during my week to “hit the gym” but, I walk daily and opt to climb up and down the Metro escalators but that’s about the extent of my fitness routine. It’s sad I know because as I’ve gotten older, things don’t quite look the same as they once did in my younger days. So in an effort to try to stay fit and healthy and adding another form of exercise, I’ve decided to target my tummy somewhat affectionately known as my “fanny pack” to help me feel that I’m being a bit more active. Now when I make this reference to my friends, I get heavy sighs, “you want to see a fanny pack; I’ll show you a fanny pack while grabbing their stomachs. To them I look fine and my tummy is flat, but to me, I’ve seen a little bit of the “I’ve hit my 30’s semi bulge”.

So in an effort not to make you my readers agree with them, I won’t post a photo of my tummy but let me just tell you, I can grab the fanny pack. I’ve decided to recruit Jillian Michaels as my personal Ab Trainer and I borrowed my friend’s DVD. Tonight is the first night of my “personal training” and I’ll have to let you know if it takes me a full 6 weeks to see some results. Maybe I’ll post the Post-Fanny Pack photos to show you that I really did commit to exercising and getting rid of the bulge!

I also found this great article to aide you in getting rid of the "fannypack".

What are your exercise routines that you do daily, weekly or even monthly to help you stay fit?

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