Have a Lovely Weekend...

This weekend should be fairly quiet and lowkey. I'm looking forward to tonight which is "Pizza and a Movie Date Night" so after work I'll be picking up my reserved (yes, I like to find things and reserve them so they aren't gone from the store once I arrive) copy of Wild Target and munching on some good, good, no really good pizza. Good times ahead I tell ya!

On a more responsible note, one of my main goals this weekend is to do some Fall cleaning/purging just to clear out some clutter|things that don't need to take up anymore space in my bedroom|closet. You know, I want be able to securely close my drawers and actually get to items in my closet. Not that things aren't neat, it's just overloaded and needs some editing :)

If all goes well with the above and I'm not too pooped, I would really like to try and make this pasta recipe I mentioned here possibly with some salmon and spinach (two of my food staples).

In Other Lovely News

I've been hearing wonderful things about Belle Butters (natural/handmade products for hair and body) so I can't wait to order a few products. My skin should be "oh so happy".

If you're interested in and/or love short films then be sure to catch your fill at  the DC Shorts Film Festival.

While reading the paper yesterday I was beyond excited about the Union Terminal Market which opens its doors tomorrow (I love food shopping)! Though the weather is due to be a bit rainy and all of the stores|shops aren't debuting, it still might be worth the trip! Food, shopping and a little bit of the arts under one roof, sounds divine to me!

Lush has created a line of highly pigmented "liquid lipsticks" (amongst other items to include: mascara, eyeliner & face tints). One of the interesting things to know is that each color is attached|tagged to an Emotional adjective hence the name Emotional Brilliance.

Caviar Manicure? Sounds very very interesting and actually looks pretty cute!

I like to support local businesses/entrepreneurs, so I'm waiting with bated breath for these amazing/inspirational K.R.T. Sweatshirts to get back in stock!

Whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope that it's restful, productive & fun. As always, have a Lovely Weekend!!

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