FOOD RECIPE | Eva Longoria Chicken Tortilla Soup...

I LOVE soup, I’m the type of person who can eat soup all year round! The great thing about it is you can make it as light or as heavy as you like, seasonally acceptable I guess you can say!

Now that the Fall season is quickly upon us or pretty much here, there are tons of soups waiting to be made and eaten.

I found this really tasty (sounding) Tortilla Soup that is sure to bring some warmth and a plethora of flavors to your tastebuds! One of the components of this soup that I can truly appreciate is one of the foods that I have grown to love as an adult, avocado. Seriously I can’t get enough of it, not only does it taste good but it's good for you, your skin and your hair. Although I'm a little iffy about lettuce in my soup I may opt to skip that step or I may just follow this recipe to the "T", hey why not!

Another tasty part of Tortilla Soup is the ridiculous amount of tortilla chips that you can mount on top of it! Who wouldn’t love that?

I’m looking forward to making this soup and whenever I head back to LA,  I have to make it a point to check out Beso which serves this soup. I viewed their webpage and the AMBIANCE ALONE is enough to draw me in but the menu looks divine as well.

Cook, eat and enjoy!

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