FRIENDS, FOOD & a MOVIE | For a Good Time Call...

Here’s something that you may have already gathered if you’ve been around the blog for a little bit. I like going to the movies, purchasing movies (yep good ol’ DVDs), I like to eat and I like to hang with friends. So why not do all those things in one evening!

I signed up to see Free Movie Screenings here in the DC area so tonight a few work pals and I are heading to see a rather girly comedy called: For a Good Time Call.

The premise of the movie is as follows: Two young women whose circumstances propel them into a hilarious joint business venture of the “carnal phone talk” kind.

It seems like a hilarious movie and something that you and your gals pals should gather together and see and that’s exactly what we plan to do tonight. Once the clock strikes “quitting time”, we’re going to head on over to a sushi restaurant, chat about the day, spark some conversation regarding the forthcoming movie, head to the theatre and enjoy!

What kind of after work fun do you and your friends tend to get into?

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