Have a Lovely Weekend...

I can't believe it, I just simply can't believe it, the Summer is officially over within days, mere days! Though it's been a fast paced and AWESOME, I guess I have to bite the bullet and accept the fact that it's coming to a close. I feel like the Summer just started for me partly because I just purchased two bathing suits last weekend (yeah, I know I'm soooo late but well prepared for next Summer). 

This weekend should be relatively quiet, productive and relaxing. I've been giving the furchild a little extra dollop of fur-mommy loving as he's been a little sick this past week but is 99.9% close to being his rambunctious little self. He has his doctor's appointment tomorrow for his annual check up (this is probably more than you care to know but hey, sharing is caring). Other than fur-mommy duties, I'll be working on some PTD orders (YAY), enjoying the last remaining days of Summer, perhaps a little closet purging, taking a few naps here and there, eating some good food and preparing myself for the months that lie ahead!

I hope your Summer was fantastic and that the Fall treats you well. Be sure to enjoy yourself this loooong weekend, spend time with friends and family, do a few things that you weren't able to do earlier this Summer, eat like there's no tomorrow (with no remorse), do a little dance, get down tonight (this weekend) and just soak it all in!

Here's to having a Lovely weekend!!

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