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Catilin Wilson Textlies

Over the years I have discovered that I have a love/penchant/admiration for the color salmon/coral especially when it comes to home (bedroom) decor.  No matter how many times I try to switch up my bedroom colors, my eyes inevitably swoon over something salmon/coral. Currently my bedding is a watercolor mixture of purple, salmon and mint and in the effort to satisfy my color need, I'm thinking that the above headboard pattern or the T-shaped pattern by Caitlin Wilson would be an awesome & welcomed addition to my bedroom!

What color(s) are you seemingly always drawn to?


Ryan(: said...

I absolutely love those colors too! I was just wondering if you knew where to buy those pillows! Also, do you know if they make a comforter in one of those patterns? I'm currently re-doing my room and am looking for a coral patterned comforter! Thanks!

Prin said...

Hi Ryan!

I think that you can check out Caitlin's website (linked in the blog post). You can purcahse the pillows there and you can also purchase the fabric IF you wanted to get a comforter made. If you go that route, you should opt for a duvet, that way you can easily wash it and don't have to worry about the stuffing getting too bulky! Please let me know how the room decorate goes (and sorry it took so long to respond)!


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