Beasts of the Southern Wild...

Beasts of the Southern Wild
I recall walking by a poster a few weeks ago at one of my favorite theaters and seeing Beasts of the Southern Wild but not really thinking too much of it until I started hearing some buzzing/murmurings about it. In this movie, a six year old heroine Hushpuppy (played by a wonderful little star, Quvenzhane' Wallis), deals with the colliding of worlds, of mythical/magical/imaginary and reality in a secluded bayou area in Louisiana. As a mammoth storm and the matter of her father's ill health approaches, Hushpuppy must rely on the impact of her world to help her endure.

I simply love independent films especially when they pull you into the story/plot, and characters and allows you as a viewer to connect with all of your emotions. I'm so excited to see this when it opens in DC this Friday. And from what I've been hearing, it's simply amazing. View the trailer below and plan to what many are calling "beautiful and captivating".


Bre said...

I saw a preview for this before Moonrise Kingdom and really really really really want to see it. That many reallys.

Prin said...


both movies are really really really good. BOTSW gets you a tad bit emotional but I'm glad I saw it. MK, is quirky and cute!


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