Recovery Mode...

The past two months have been pretty busy/hectic/fast paced but it's been wonderful. From out of town weddings, travel for work, planning a bridal shower etc., I was looking forward to more things and the "more things" happened this past weekend. After the phenomenal weekend I had with the wedding activities Friday/Saturday and hanging out with my girlfriends on Sunday, yesterday I just needed a day to sort of decompress. I decided to do a bit of pre-summer cleaning and re-organzing and do my normal purging of items that I either don't use anymore, have too many of and/or things that I didn't need to keep anymore. It felt good to give the house a bit of a thorough cleaning PLUS I had a chance to stay in a cool house!
What sort of things do you do to "recover" from a hectic schedule?

{photo via Real Simple}

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