Have a Lovely Weekend...

Me (left) and Christina (right) sporting a PT Party Hat at her Bridal Shower
This Saturday is the wedding of my best friend Christina/Chrissy and I'm sooo overjoyed! We've known each other for the past eight years but it seems like a lifetime. As with each of our friends, you want nothing but joy to flood, overtake and consume their lives and with her upcoming nuptials and this wonderful journey that she's on, she honestly needs an ark to help her ride these blissful waves. 

So here's to my beautiful sister/friend,  may you have an amazing ceremony and may it surpass what you've already envisioned, may you think of what you've endured with regard to relationships and view where you currently are (getting married to the love of your amazing life) and be thankful for the new beginnings that start the moment you say I Do!

I'm ready to continue celebrating with my friend and partying it up all night long!! YAY to love & God's fulfillment of His promise, His Word never returns to Him void!

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Treen said...

yay im so excited!!!!


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